15th January 2018

Snuggle Chair Shootout

By Darlings Of Chelsea

What is a snuggle chair?

Snuggle chairs, sometimes also known as loveseats or cuddle chairs, are large armchairs; incredibly comfortable for one person to curl up in,  or large enough for two people to sit together. Unlike a sofa, they generally just have one cushion, and sometimes have distinctive round shapes, with large arms making for a cosy and inviting place to sit.

Isabella Swivel Chair

But when you’re choosing a piece of furniture, how does a snuggle chair stack up against all the other options out there?

Snuggle chair vs. armchair

The great advantage of a snuggle chair over an armchair is the fact that a snuggle chair can sit two people comfortable, whereas very few armchairs can. That means a snuggle chair offers a lot more flexibility for being able to entertain guests or watch a movie with a friend or partner. Even when only occupied by one person, the extra size of a snuggle chair means you can easily curl up in them with a book, or in front of the television. Both of these points make snuggle chairs a great option over an armchair when used as the sole piece of furniture in a dorm room, studio or bedsit, for example.

Hollie Love Seat & Footrest

Of course, the obvious disadvantage of a snuggle chair is that it’s a bit bigger than an armchair, so takes up more room and can be harder to move around. When used as part of a larger set of furniture, a snuggle chair can be more awkward than an armchair to position, and may sometimes end up being ‘wasted space’ when occupied by only one person.

Snuggle Chair

  • ++ Cosy way for two people to sit together
  • + Comfortable and flexible for one person
  • – Takes up more space, and may often only be occupied by one person


  • + Smaller and easier to position and move
  • + Doesn’t waste space when only occupied by one person
  • –  Can only seat one person

Snuggle chair vs. recliner

When you’re looking for a comfortable piece of furniture to relax in while reading or watching television, a recliner seems like an obvious choice. However, a snuggle chair can also be a versatile option, with more space for a single person to sit in whatever position they find comfortable while reading, and of course allowing two people to sit together if they choose.

While a recliner is undoubtedly incredibly comfortable to relax in, snuggle chairs have the advantage of offering flexible seating on all kinds of occasions, including when entertaining guests.

Above all though, it’s worth bearing in mind that some snuggle chairs are available in a reclining version, giving you the best of both worlds.

Snuggle Chair

  • + Available in reclining variants, for maximum flexibility
  • + Suitable for entertaining, as well as reading and watching television
  • –  Non-reclining snuggle chairs aren’t quite as luxurious and comfortable


  • + Can be repositioned into the most comfortable position
  • –  Can usually only seat one person
  • –  Unlikely to be used as a recliner when entertaining, so less suitable for formal rooms

Snuggle chair vs. two seater sofa

A lot of people buying a snuggle chair, especially if they’re doing so for quite a small space, might ultimately be deciding between a snuggle chair and a small two-seater sofa. So what’s the best option?

A snuggle chair takes up much less space, and is also a lot easier to transport and to move in and out of rooms. This makes it ideal for small rooms and temporary accommodation like a university dorm or a short-term let.

Chelsea 1.5 Seater

On the other hand, a snuggle chair does only seat two people who are happy to sit very close together, so that can make it less suitable for more formal entertaining, and less comfortable if you are having friends over, so if there is space for a two-seat sofa that may be a better option.

Snuggle Chair

  • + Takes up much less space
  • + Easy to transport and much easier to move into a building, especially if it requires multiple flights of stairs
  • –  Can only seat two people if they are happy to sit very close together

Two-seater sofa

  • ++ Comfortably sits two people who don’t want to be squashed together
  • + May even be able to seat three at a squeeze
  • – Takes up more space, and can be awkward to transport and move in and out of buildings

Snuggle chair vs. chaise longue

A chaise longue falls somewhere between a sofa and an armchair; a long piece of furniture with a back and side only at one end. They are very comfortable for one person to sit or half-lie on with their feet up, or can accommodate multiple people side by side.

Juliette Chaise Longue

Like a snuggle chair, a chaise longue is very comfortable for one person to sit on with a book, and potentially to watch television although their length can make them awkward to face towards a screen comfortably.

Because of their bench-like shape, a chaise-longue can also flexibly seat quite a few people, although most will not have a back to lean against, so it’s not necessarily the most comfortable option.

Snuggle Chair

  • ++ Very comfortable for one person
  • + Easy to position in a room, and easy to move around
  • –  Can only seat two people maximum

Chaise Longue

  • + Comfortable for one person to sit or lie on
  • + Can seat several people side by side, although in less comfort
  • – Takes up more space, and can be awkward to transport and move in and out of buildings
  • – Can be hard to position, for example facing a television