21st March 2018

Teal Sofas: The Always On-trend Colour

By Darlings Of Chelsea

If there’s one sofa colour that seems to be permanently bang on-trend, and that works in almost any setting, it’s teal. A medium blue-green similar to turquoise, it’s modern and up-to-date but also seemingly timeless and doesn’t age in the way that some fad colours can.

Charnwood in Hard Wearing Velvet Mallard

Teal sofa styles

More muted, slightly greyer teal shades were extremely popular with mid-century modern designers, meaning it frequently appear on the items of Scandinavian furniture that are very on-trend currently.

Helena Sofa Range in Velvet Duck Egg

Equally, richer shades of teal were frequently seen in the bright and upbeat drawing rooms of the Victorian upper and middle classes, frequently in the form of velvet and even silk sofas in elegant designs. Whether you’re trying to re-capture that style in detail, or simply reference it subtly with a classic antique-style sofa, teal is a great choice that evokes richness and elegance without being too flashy or dominant for smaller modern homes.

Galloway Chaise Sofa in Hard Wearing Velvet Mallard

Teal in a range of shades also looks fantastic when applied to classic styles like the Chesterfield. A teal Chesterfield sofa, especially one in velvet, is a bold statement piece that is perfect for acting as the hub of a vibrant design theme.

Stirling Chesterfield in Oscar Velvet Teal Green

How to select teal fabrics

Your choice of fabric will have a big impact on how your piece of furniture looks, whether it’s a bold velvet or wool, or a subtler linen or cotton blend that can look fantastic on a loose cover sofa. Either way, with a teal sofa, when the quality of the colour is so central, it’s worth choosing furniture that has fabric from high-quality luxury fashion houses like J Brown, Duresta and Designer’s guild.

Hard Wearing Velvet

What colours go with teal?

Teal really pops against white, so it can look fantastic in very stark, plain rooms, but for slightly easier interior design it also works brilliantly with cream or even charcoal walls. On a colour wheel, the match for Teal is coral, so accessories, accents or other items of furniture in that colour can look great, though navy blue, pink, gold or brown also work really well. Navy blue or brown cushions, in particular, can help to mute and slightly darken an otherwise bright teal sofa, while pink or gold can lift a darker teal sofa, or enhance a very bright colour scheme.

Hollie Corner Sofa in Bellagio 68


Teal can be a terrific accessory colour if you’re not quite ready to go for a whole sofa or accent wall. Cushions, throws, lampshades or even footstools in teal can be a great way to complement a cream, brown or charcoal sofa.

Equally, if you have a teal sofa then picking accessories to match or offset it is all part of the fun. An orange throw, navy blue cushions, or a matching teal footstool or lampshade are great ways to build a coherent but vibrant colour scheme.