11th March 2020

Top Chairs and Armchairs to Suit Every Home

By Darlings Of Chelsea


Stylish and elegant, an armchair is a welcome addition to any home. While an armchair tends not to be the star of the show like your sofa, it can act as an excellent counterpart and can help to create a real design statement.

Perhaps you envisage using it as a reading chair, maybe even like the idea of a timeless wing chair or want to relax in a recliner chair.

To help you come up with some ideas, here are the top chairs and armchairs to suit every home


Velvet Chair

 No material oozes indulgence and sophistication like velvet. But having a velvet sofa can, especially if you have children and/or pets, be the more impractical choice. This is where a velvet chair comes into its own.

Choose a velvet chair that complements your existing sofa, or better still, a colour which contradicts it and makes it stand out. The Orbit Chair is not only a velvet armchair, but it’s also a recliner and swivel chair, bringing a sense of fun and next-level relaxation into the equation.

Fireside Chair

Is there anything better than sinking into a chair with a newspaper, a good book and glass of wine beside a roaring fire? A fireside chair is a perfect vehicle to let you indulge in total comfort during those long, cold, winters.

A leather chair, such as the Sunday Chair, is an ideal occasional chair, which makes the perfect fireside companion but is equally suited in other sections of the room, as a general lounge chair.

Children’s Armchair

When choosing furniture for your home, considering the family has a big part to play. Are they comfy chairs? Are there some chairs which could ostensibly be used as kids’ armchairs? And when you have slightly older children, one chair will inevitably be taken over as a gaming chair.

Bearing in mind the potential for spills, clambering and lolling, a leather chair could be a good choice. Easy to clean, durable and still providing a real level of style, the Sandhurst loveseat is not only incredibly comfortable, but it also comes in a stain-resistant fabric.

The Perfect Loveseat

Not as a big as a sofa but with enough room for two people (who like to snuggle), a loveseat is a fantastic chair to bring into the fold. Go for a velvet loveseat if you really want to make a statement or choose a leather loveseat if you’re looking for timeless style. Whichever style you choose, pick your favourite person or pet and snuggle up!

Dining Chairs

Chairs are a fundamental part of any living space, which also includes dining rooms – luckily these days there is a real wealth of options available when it comes to choosing dining chairs. Whether you want leather cushioning or are going for a pure wooden aesthetic, there are modern options available, alongside a more traditional or rustic look.

Dining chairs can be chosen independently to your dining table, so there is real flexibility to ensure you get the look and feel you want. There is a real multitude of chairs and armchairs to choose from – it depends on how you plan to use it, where you plan to put it and whether you want it to complement your existing décor or stand out from the crowd.

The choice is yours!