27th January 2023

Why Buying Vintage Furniture is a Great Idea

By Mike Curtis

If you want your house to reflect your personality, introducing some vintage furniture into your space can be a great idea. Vintage can mean different things to different people. In this guide, we look at the different interpretations surrounding vintage home décor and delve into why buying vintage furniture is a great idea.

What is Vintage?

Let’s start with the basics and look at what is classed as vintage furniture. Meaning ‘of age’, in terms of how old is vintage, it tends to be between 30 to 40 years old, which is quite different to antique, which is a lot older at over 100 years old. Another phrase often used when discussing second hand or vintage furniture is retro – it essentially means imitating a lifestyle, trend, or art form. If you like retro home decor, creating a 60’s aesthetic, vintage furniture can help to create that look. Equally, it’s possible to buy modern furniture, such as mid-century modern sofas, which have a retro look and feel to them if you’d prefer.

Why is Vintage Furniture Popular?

Vintage décor is incredibly popular and for good reason. Choosing to add a piece of vintage furniture will add character and individuality to your interior, it’s often a statement piece that you can style the rest of your furniture around, and more often than not, it has a fascinating story to it. Browsing vintage and antique shops you can come across some truly unique pieces of furniture which most owners will know and happily share the background to.

It’s not only about the character of the furniture, but also the quality too. Having stood the test of time for several decades, you can rest easy that any vintage furniture you choose will continue to stand proud in your home for years to come.

Given that vintage furniture is second hand, it’s also a sustainable option and given the real focus on climate change and sustainable living, it’s not just a stylish option, it’s an environmentally friendly one too.

How to Decorate with Vintage

Creating vintage house décor depends on which pieces of furniture you invest in and whether you want them to take centre stage in your interior or would prefer them to provide a more subtle backdrop. Second hand vintage sofas can make a real design statement and you can choose furniture to complement it, such as:

  • Retro lamps.
  • Art.
  • Tables.
  • Or you can mix and match and pair your vintage sofa with a modern sideboard, accessories, and a contemporary colour palette.

Where to Find Vintage

Part of the fun of vintage is the discovery. From markets to antique shops and dealers online, take some time to really explore and you’ll be amazed at some of the hidden gems you can uncover. Interior design accounts on social media will recommend stores to seek out, as will design magazines. When it comes to vintage furniture, it’s all about patience. You may not find the piece you want straight away but you may discover some real architectural finds along the way.

If you like the idea of creating a vintage or retro aesthetic but don’t want to trawl second hand shops and would prefer new furniture, that’s also an option. From mid-century modern design to traditional styles such as Chesterfield chairs and sofas, it’s possible to buy a new sofa, chair or bed that creates a vintage look in your interior.

Before making any decisions, it makes sense to do as much research as possible, and perhaps visit both vintage stores and new furniture showrooms so you can see the difference in person. Ultimately, the furniture you choose is an opportunity to reflect your personal style and so the choice is 100% down to you.