23rd January 2023

8 Cosy Living Room Ideas

By Mike Curtis

Life can get busy at times and when it does, it’s good to have a place to retreat to and enjoy some much-needed downtime. That’s where a cosy living room comes in handy. Through a careful curation of your furniture, accessories, and colour palette, you can create the cosy lounge you’ve always wanted – here’s our favourite cosy living room ideas to get you started.

Colour Me Cosy

If you’ve done some research on cosy living rooms on Pinterest, you may have noticed a pattern emerging when it comes to colour. Cosiness can be created through your choice of colour palette on your walls and/or through your choice of furniture. Warm earthy tones can create an inviting ambience, while darker shades on your walls can create that feeling of being cocooned.

Known as colour drenching, painting your walls in a dark, bold shade creates a more intimate, cosy environment. Alternatively, a neutral cream living rooms gives you the perfect backdrop to be more inventive and bolder with your furnishings – it’s all down to personal choice. If you can’t decide which route to take, pick up some samples and see it in situ before making that all important decision.

Lighting Makes All the Difference

If there’s an opportunity to maximise natural daylight in your space, then take it. Sunshine streaming through your window is one of life’s joys and should be utilised wherever possible. When lots of natural light isn’t possible, there are plenty of ways to create a cosy glow through your choice of lighting.

Rather than going big on overhead lights, focus on lamps which give off a softer, more inviting glow. They can light up pockets of space such as darker corners or reading nooks and with an array of bulbs to choose from, you can avoid harsh bright lights and go for a warmer, more atmospheric feel. In addition to lamps, candles will always transform a space and create quite an impact when grouped together.

When it comes to light, the size of your room can also make a difference and should be factored into any design decisions. If it’s a cosy small living room décor, you can change the ambience with a small amount of lighting but if it’s a bigger space, you may need to look at subtly lighting various sections of the room to create the atmosphere you want.

It’s All in the Touch

Texture is a big player when it comes to snug room ideas. The introduction of some new soft furnishings can also be a budget friendly way to transform your space. Think soft throws, sheepskin blankets and velvet sofas – all of which are wonderful warm cosy living room ideas.


And it’s not just about one particular textile. Introducing layers of natural materials can create a cosy warm covering for you to retreat under or rest your head on after a busy day.

Cuddle Up on an Oversized Chair

Considering they’re called loveseats, cuddle chairs or snuggle chairs, an oversized armchair is the perfect place to cosy down and snuggle up. Offering room for one to stretch out or two to cuddle up, there are a range of different styles and sizes to ensure you can find a cuddle chair to suit your space. And with a plethora of different fabrics, leathers, and colours to choose from, you can introduce the perfect cosy chair for your home. Just be prepared for fights over who gets to sit in it! 

Shape and Scent

Clean, minimal lines are incredibly popular in contemporary design but don’t always evoke a cosy aesthetic. Round shapes can bring a real softness to your space – from round tables to sofas with softly curved backs, introducing some gentle curves can make a real difference to your aesthetic.

As well as soft shapes bringing an element of cosiness to your living room, scent can also personalise your space. From candles to diffusers and room sprays, scent is a very personal choice – from bold oaky smells to soft floral scents, find a scent that complements the cosy ambience you’ve created and relax in style.

Currently on trend is scent mapping, which delves into aromas and fragrances and classifies them into categories. From fresh notes to oriental notes, there’s a real array of different options so make sure you take soe time to explore all the options and find the scent that’s right for you and evokes a feeling of home.

Be Inspired by Cottagecore

If you’ve not heard of cottagecore before, now’s the time to do some research! In a nutshell, the concept of cottagecore focuses on the creation of an inviting and cosy space, with particular emphasis on countryside style and vintage-inspired décor. So, when you’re looking for inspiration and warm living room ideas, head to Instagram and search for #cottagecore and be prepared to be spoilt for choice!

Act Natural

At the heart of traditional, rustic interiors are natural materials. Whether it’s a wooden floor, a leather sofa or a woodpile next to the fire, the introduction of natural materials is often at the heart of a cosy living room. If you like the idea of using biophilic design, you can expand the use of natural materials by adding some plants – from small trailing plants to large tropical plants, bringing the outdoors in adds character to your space.

Art Can Transform a Space

Your living room is very much a personal space, it’s the place you head to when you want to relax and unwind after a long day. It’s the place you put your feet up to watch a film or read a book, it’s a place you sit with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. This room is your safe space, your sanctuary.

As well as textures, colour, scents and shapes, art can really help to make this space truly unique to you. Whether it’s a painting you fell in love with, a family photo on the wall or one of your children’s drawings, the art you choose to put on the wall is very much an extension of your persona and can help to create that level of familiarity and cosiness that you want.