28th June 2021

What is Cottagecore Aesthetic and How to Get the Look

By Darlings Of Chelsea


The chances are, during the lockdown, someone you know will have made their own sourdough, started their own veg patch, learnt embroidery or turned their hand to dried flower arranging. This hearkening back to a simpler, slower lifestyle is at the centre of the cottagecore movement.

Highlighted as ‘a budding aesthetic movement’ by the New York Times, cottagecore focuses on the concept that our homes should be a safe, inviting and cosy space, with a strong emphasis on traditional, countryside style with hints of romance and vintage-inspired décor.

To get a real feel for cottagecore, head to Instagram or Tiktok and search #cottagecore, and be inspired by the thousands of images and videos that are focused on this movement!

If you’d like you to know more about what is the cottagecore aesthetic and how to get the look, we take a look at how you can bring this cosiness into your living space.


What is the Cottagecore Aesthetic?

Quite simply, the cottagecore aesthetic is a move away from the modern, fast-paced lifestyle – it’s warm, inviting spaces, it’s picnics in the woods, it’s fresh flowers on your table or snuggling up on the sofa and reading a book. Similar to the Scandinavian concept of hygge, it is the embodiment of cosiness. When you step into your house, there is a sense of nostalgia, a leaning towards simplicity, a movement away from screens, technology and stress.

Where Did Cottagecore Come From?

While cottagecore décor has been around for a few years, it really picked up momentum in 2020, when lockdown saw everyone spending a lot more time in their homes with time on their hands. All of a sudden, people needed to create more of a sanctuary within their home, they connected with nature through biophilic design, there was a real desire for some escapism within the midst of so much negative news. To add to the momentum, Taylor Swift’s Folklore album release ensured cottagecore’s popularity went stratospheric!

PHOTO CREDIT: https://www.yourhomestyle.uk/

How to Create the Look

There are lots of simple ways you can incorporate the cottagecore look into your home. If you’ve already been inspired by hygge, Japandi or cottage design, you may already have started down the path to creating your own cottagecore living room! Here are five cottagecore room ideas to help you get started:


When considering colours for your space, look at earthy tones and neutrals – the Hayes sofa in linen pumice not only complements the colour palette, in a natural linen fabric, it aligns harmoniously with the natural environment.


Look at bringing some vintage pieces of furniture into your space, to contrast with the contemporary and bring some charm and colour into your interior. If it has some sentimental value, even better!

PHOTO CREDIT: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/483574078741185553/

Flower Power

Whether you bring florals into your home through your furniture, either through your sofa fabric, cushions or wallpaper, or whether you prefer the idea of fresh flowers in your house, the introduction of flowers in your interiors will see you fully immersed in the cottagecore lifestyle.


Whether it’s a sofa you sink into, a sheepskin rug or maybe even your reading nook – create a space you don’t want to leave.


Crafts play an integral part in cottagecore – from embroidery to baking, and pottery to sewing – it’s about putting technology away and embracing a simpler lifestyle!