28th May 2021

How to Decorate with a Green Sofa

By Darlings Of Chelsea


With 2020 the year that saw everyone working and studying from home, an affiliation to nature became more important than ever, with people keen to bring the outside in through plants, biophilic design and an increase in the use of the colour green in interior design. That love of nature continues to be ever-present in 2021, with olive greens, emerald greens and sage greens proving a popular choice, particularly in key living spaces such as the lounge, dining room and kitchen. If you’re feeling inspired by nature and want to bring it indoors, here are some tips on how to decorate with a green sofa.

Emerald Green Living Room Ideas

The beauty of the colour green is its versatility and the shade you go for will impact the colours which complement it. If you have chosen an emerald green sofa, such as the Stirling, which is also a green chesterfield sofa, this shade is incredibly sumptuous and will be the star of the show in your living room, with other colours acting as its counterpart. A velvet green sofa offers a real depth of colour and brings an element of decadence to your decor.

Stirling Midi Sofa in Oscar Velvet Teal

From neutrals like beige to colours such as gold, tan, burnt orange and navy blue, there is a wealth of complementary colours, depending on the ambience you want to create. Wood pairs beautifully with emerald green, strengthening that connection to the outdoors.

Olive-Green Ideas

While emerald is a vibrant, energetic shade of green, the use of olive green will create more of a serene, tranquil environment. If you want your sofa to double up as a sofa bed, a green sofa bed such as the Exmouth in juniper exudes a sense of calm, perfect for guests to relax into when staying overnight!

Bamboo and rattan furniture work harmoniously alongside olive green, while colours such as grey, beige and gold can complement this shade. If you’d like a darker colour to work with, navy blue, maroon and even purple and red can all coexist happily in a space with an olive-green sofa such as the Kingston in moss.

Light Green Sofa Inspiration

If a dark green sofa will be too big a statement in your space, a light green sofa can work beautifully, creating a calm, soothing atmosphere. A green corner sofa like the Whinfell could be too overwhelming as an emerald or forest green sofa but in a shade like a pistachio, mint or apple green it will help to create a peaceful space for you to relax in. And if you go for a lighter shade of green, you could look at a bolder palette to complement it, such as a bright pink or purple.


Allowing Nature into Your Home

Whichever shade of green you decide to go for and whatever type of sofa you choose whether it’s a green loveseat or green leather sofa, incorporating the colour of green immediately strengthens your links to the outdoors. If you feel that a connection to nature would be beneficial in your interiors, a biophilic design should be at the forefront of your thought process when planning how to change your space. From the plethora of green shades, you see when looking at trees, plants, grass and fields, it’s a colour that immediately takes us outdoors and by choosing a green sofa, you can look at accessories that complement that theme, from house plants to wooden tables, picture frames and a plethora of natural light.

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