24th May 2021

Why Teal is So Popular: A Colour Trend Here to Stay

By Darlings Of Chelsea


If you’ve done any research on colour trends in the last 12 months, you will inevitably have seen teal popping up on Pinterest. It’s a colour that continues to prove its worth, so much so that a paper on The World’s Favourite Colour in 2017 saw teal emerge victoriously. If you’re planning on decorating with teal, whether through teal furniture, accessories or wall colour, you’ll find a wealth of content and imagery to showcase how this colour can make an impact in your living space. This blog will look at why teal is so popular, as teal is showing no sign of going anywhere, and for good reason!

Photo Credit: https://www.houzz.co.uk/

An Icon Through the Decades

Let’s start with the shade itself. A variation of blue and green, teal is so-called after the Common Teal duck, which has a stripe around its eyes, which is classed as the colour teal. It came to the forefront in popular culture in America in the 1990s as the choice of colour for numerous sports teams, from The Charlotte Hornets to The Miami Dolphins and The Seattle Mariners. It was the dominant colour in many shell suits (which appear to now be back in fashion!) and paired with orange, it has been a key player in Hollywood no less, utilised on film because of the strong contrast the two colours create together.

Decorating with Teal

Teal has been popular in interior design for decades. The colour creates a tranquil, calm ambience and because of this restorative vibe, a lot of people are interested in teal living room ideas or incorporating it into their bathroom, creating a spa-like relaxing environment. While it can be used as your primary colour, you could also look at adding it through accessories, such as scatter cushions, lamps or a teal accent chair.

Photo Credit: https://www.architecturelab.net/

Colour Schemes That Go with Teal

One of the strengths of teal is its versatility and the number of colours it complements. From tans and beiges to vibrant colours like mustards, golds and burnt oranges, teal works best with warm hues but also acts as a perfect contrast to white.

It can also be teamed with another popular colour – grey. The two work beautifully together to create a modern look and feel, with grey helping to stop the teal from being too overwhelming, and teal preventing the grey from being too lacklustre.

Studio Lounger Sofa in Lumino Teal Velvet

Teal Sofa

The beauty of teal is the richness of its hue and where better to showcase it than in a teal velvet sofa, which brings out the depth of the colour. A velvet sofa such as the Studio Range creates an unrivalled sense of luxury and decadence, inviting you to sink into your sofa and forget about the stresses of your day.

Whether you choose to make teal centre stage through a teal chair or by putting it on your walls, or whether you prefer to use more subtle hints of teal, perhaps through accessories, a teal office chair or art on your walls, it’s a colour that brings with it a sense of peace and calm, ideal for spaces you unwind in after a busy day.

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