large sofa in crushed green velvet
24th June 2019

Teal Sofa Buying Guide

By Darlings Of Chelsea


When you’re looking to buy a sofa, colour has a massive part to play in the decision-making process. It can shape the ambience of a room, it can make it feel warm or it can create a sense of calm. It can brighten a dark room or bring a plain room to life. The colour you decide to go for also needs to work in sync with the overall style of your room – if you choose a modern design or a retro look, a Scandi or a classic design, there will be several colours that stand out as an obvious choice for that particular style and work with the rest of your colour palette.

There only a few colours that tick the box for all of the above – teal is one of those colours. Once you’ve decided teal is for you, the next decision is what type of sofa is right for your living space. We’ve pulled together a teal sofa buying guide to show you the range of styles available, you just have to choose the sofa which suits you and your lifestyle!

Whinfell Sofa in Cotton Linen Blend Verditer 260


1.  Teal Sofa Colour

A deep blue-green colour, teal takes its name from the common teal bird. It brings both depth and warmth but is equally capable of creating a sense of calm. Its colour wheel match is coral but one of the many advantages of teal is its versatility – it can work well along with a myriad of colours, from white to gold, brown to mustard yellow and many others.

Corby Sofa Bed in Shearwater Navy


2. Sofa Material

Once you’re set on teal, the next decision to consider is what kind of sofa material would work for you and your lifestyle. Leather, fabric and velvet sofas are all available in a teal shade, with each one producing a different kind of finish. A teal shade on a velvet sofa creates an incredibly rich and sumptuous aesthetic and lends itself sublimely to mid-century modern design. The beauty of a teal velvet is the number of styles it can accommodate and be the star of the show for each and every one.

Studio Lounger Sofa in Lumio Teal

From the Studio Range with chaise to the Charnwood Chesterfield, and chunkier styles to smaller, more compact sofas, teal velvet complements them all.

In terms of looking after your velvet sofa, if cared for properly, a premium quality velvet sofa can last for years. There is the possibility of it fading over time if exposed to too much light, so ideally it would need to be kept away from any windows. It can also be a magnet for pet hair and dust so will require a more regular clean than a fabric or leather sofa.

Tilston Sofa Bed in longbridge Petrol


3. Leather Sofa

Of all the different materials, a leather sofa offers the fewest options when it comes to teal. But there are several leather sofas which are available in a teal shade, which is a real step away from the traditional brown and a bold choice, perfect for those who really want their sofa to make a statement! Teal works as a beautiful counterpart to brown and would work well on a wooden floor with simple, classic accessories.

Comfortable, durable and offering a timeless sense of style, leather is the choice of material for many. They’re easy to keep clean, simply by using a mild soap and water mix and a damp cloth to wipe off any stains, a quick hoover to get rid of any crumbs and potentially the use of some leather cream every few months.

With all its many pros, leather is still very much a personal choice. The feel of leather isn’t for everyone, it can feel cold in winter and too warm in the summer. There are ways around this, with the likes of throws and maintaining a consistent temperature in your room but ultimately, you will know when you sit on a leather sofa if it’s for you. It’s also worth bearing in the mind that the quality of the leather can impact on the feel/comfort of your sofa, the better the quality, the better it will feel!


4. Fabric Sofa

Fabric sofas offer an array of shades and patterns in a range of sizes, from corner sofas to recliners and mid-century modern sofas to Chesterfield style sofas. Depending on the shade of teal you go for, you’ll bring home either a richly coloured sofa, which will make a real impact and require careful consideration in terms of your accessories, or you could go for a lighter shade with more of a blue-grey tone to it, which can often be much calmer and adapt to its surroundings a lot easier.

blue velvet button back sofa

The beauty of a fabric sofa is the sheer depth of choice when it comes to style and shades – if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, or are overwhelmed by the choice, you can order some samples and spend some time deciding which works best in your living space.

A good quality fabric sofa will also stand the test of time and is less likely to scratch but may require cleaning every few years if there are any stains.

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5. Sofa Style and Size

Once you’ve decided on teal as the colour of your sofa and made your mind up on the material you’d like, the next decision is the size and style of your sofa.

Depending on the room you have available, a corner sofa is always a great choice. It provides comfort, style and plenty of room for all the family and guests. Depending on the layout of your room, even smaller rooms can accommodate corner sofas, making the best use of what might other be dead space.

Carla Modular Large Corner Sofa in Bellgaio 68

A corner sofa may not be right for your room, in which case there are plenty of suitable alternatives. A two or three-seater sofa provides plenty of comfort and style and both are available in a range of styles.

A two-seater sofa and a love seat also make a great combination, if you have the room. Whatever size you choose, it’s worth considering potential accessories to complement your teal sofa.

From cushions to throws and picture frames to lamps, there is a multitude of options and colours to really make the most of your living space and give your teal sofa the centre stage that it deserves!