1st July 2019

Grey Living Room Décor Ideas

By Darlings Of Chelsea


There’s no denying it, grey is very much the colour of the moment and its popularity is showing no signs of slowing down. And with its versatility and ability to create both a warm and cool ambience, it looks set to continue its meteoric rise for some time to come.

With a real range of shades available, the decision often isn’t whether you’re going to use grey in your living room, it’s more about how you’re going to use it. Will you incorporate it into your furniture and accessorise around it with different colours? Or will you use it as your backdrop on your floors or walls (or both) and then bring in different colours to enhance it and create a particular vibe?

Corby Right Hand Chaise Sofa bed in Shearwater Light Grey

Corby Right Hand Chaise Sofa bed in Shearwater Light Grey

If you’re not entirely sure which way to go, here’s some grey living room décor ideas which present all the different options and will hopefully provide you with a little inspiration along the way.

1. Utilising a Grey Sofa

If you’re looking for grey living room ideas, it’s well worth considering a grey sofa as a starting point. Not only does your sofa often take centre stage in your living space, but it also tends to be the piece of furniture that dictates the style and ambience of your room. Combine a particular style with the right shade of grey and you’ll have a focal point for your design.

There is a multitude of different grey sofa options available depending on your space and budget. If you have the room, a grey corner sofa is a real head turner. Offering space, comfort and style, consider a dark grey sofa with bright accessories and slightly lighter walls, or a lighter grey which will work beautifully with either muted tones or richer colours.

Corner sofas come in a range of different materials, from fabric to leather and velvet, and if you want to maximise the comfort of your sofa, there is also the option of a grey recliner sofa.

For a real statement piece of grey furniture, a grey velvet sofa will capture everyone’s attention. Sumptuous, stylish and bringing a new depth of colour to your sofa, it’s hard not fall in love with the idea of a velvet chair.

If you think having a velvet sofa might be a little too much, it’s worth looking at armchairs, which can often act as a stylish counterpart to your bigger pieces of furniture but still ooze elegance and sophistication. If you do go for a grey velvet chair, there’s a chance to layer your grey tones throughout the room, with velvet bringing a real richness to your space but lighter more muted greys bringing a sense of calm.

If you want your sofa to work harder for you, a grey sofa bed could also be an option. Available in a wide range of sizes and materials, a sofa bed is ideal if you have regular overnight guests but want to retain a strong aesthetic in your living room.

2. Grey Furniture

The beauty of grey and its many shades is that you can never have too much of it! If you do decide to go for a grey sofa, that doesn’t stop you from having other pieces of grey furniture in your room. In fact, using different tones of grey across your room, with other colours dotted around will give your living space a very modern, fresh and calming atmosphere.

Given its popularity, it’s possible to find pretty much any piece of furniture in grey. From dining tables with grey chairs to grey sideboards and grey footstools, the choices really are endless.

3. What Colours Work Well With Grey

If you’re designing your living space from scratch, you’re in an ideal position to decide what style you want and then base your furniture and décor around it. Luckily, grey works beautifully with most colours, either as the main event or the sideline show.

It’s also worth considering what colours would complement each other if you wanted to have a combination – wood works beautifully alongside grey, so a dining table or bookcase next to a grey sofa or grey walls would be a stylish match.

Duresta Soho Corner Sofa

When paired with certain shades, white really comes into its own. A mid-tone grey is a perfect partner for a crisp brilliant white but if you want to steer away from more traditional colours, there are plenty of alternatives.

Teal with a bright yellow for a contemporary look or a pastel yellow for a more vintage-inspired space, grey can offer the perfect contrast, or match with the other colours of the day, a coral pink or mint green – all three have similar tones so complement each other beautifully.

Grey also works well with deeper colours. From navy to teal, darker shades provide a rich, deep contrast. To add an additional sense of drama, pair with darker woods.

Corby storage sofa bed in shearwater grey fabric


4. How to Accessorise A Grey Living Room

The right accessories can really complete a room and enhance your chosen colour scheme. If you want accessories that stand out against your grey furniture, copper can make a room feel warm and inviting. With rose-gold undertones, a copper lamp or mirror can add a modern, stylish touch to any design.

Cushions are always a great option for adding a real pop of colour to any living space without being too overwhelming. Warm mustard shades can provide a strong, inviting contrast, while light greens and blues offer a gentle alternative. For those who like more of a dramatic monochrome look, team grey with black.

Texture can play a big part in your accessories, whether through your rugs or throws, giving a real depth to your décor. A beautifully textured throw makes a sofa even cosier than before and is ideal for keeping any unwanted marks from your sofa cushions!

Kingston Sofa

If you have a wooden floor, a rug will sit beautifully alongside a grey sofa (or any other colour sofa for that matter). An oriental design will really bring a room to life or a rug with a geometric print will give your living space more of a contemporary edge.

Accessories can also bring more of an industrial look to a room – from lamps to stools and coffee tables, a metallic look can bring a real sharpness to your grey walls/furniture.

The beauty of grey and its many shades is that there are countless ways you can incorporate it into your living space – either as touch here or there or used as the lead colour in your design – the choice is yours!