17th June 2019

Small Corner Sofa for Smaller Homes

By Darlings Of Chelsea


When you’re looking at purchasing a new sofa for a smaller living room, it’s key to look at how best to utilise the space you have. Although you don’t have oodles of room to play with, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or comfort.

While it might not be the most obvious of choices because of the perception of size, a corner sofa could actually be the answer you’re looking for. Comfortable, stylish and offering room to seat more people, here are some tips to consider when looking at a small corner sofa for smaller homes.

Galloway Chaise Sofa - Left in Varese Denim


1. Sofas for Small Spaces

When focussing on a smaller corner sofa, firstly take into account the space available in the room. Which two walls are you positioning the sofa against, are there windows, radiators, doors? Will you need to adapt your décor, move furniture etc?

A smaller corner sofa will help you to utilise any dead space but it’s important to look at how that will work alongside the rest of the room. Depending on the shape of the room, it’s also worth looking at corner chaise sofas, which have a smaller footprint but still offer plenty of space for yourselves and any house guests. Corner chaise sofas also tend to have smaller arms, or none at all, which opens the sofa out to the room and gives the perception of space.

Darwin Chaise Sofa - RIght in Stain Resistant Velvet Iron R10


2. Sofa Colour

With a small living room, material and colour also play an important role. A leather corner sofa, such as a grey leather corner sofa or a brown leather corner sofa, offer a timeless aesthetic and work well with any colour palette, while a fabric corner sofa can also be the ideal choice – as long as the colours work in the space you have. If you fall in love with a grey corner sofa, or perhaps a black corner sofa, it’s important to consider how these shades will work with the rest of your décor, with lighter or neutral shades ensuring the room doesn’t start to feel too closed in.

If you find a darker corner sofa that you just can’t walk away from but are worried it will make your room feel smaller, consider bright accessories such as a throw, cushions or rug to complement your corner sofa and offer a burst of colour against darker shades.

Edgware Modular Sofa bed in Langford Anthracite


3. Types of Sofa

With a small living space, multi-purpose furniture also tends to provide a real benefit. There are a number of stylish corner sofa beds, which don’t compromise on comfort or quality but double up to offer a bed for guests, which can offer a real bonus in small homes. There is also a corner sofa with storage underneath one of the cushions, which is perfect for blankets, extra cushions and other accessories.

Corby Right Hand Chaise Sofa bed in Shearwater Light Grey


4. Small Corner Sofa & Budget

The other real benefit to a smaller corner sofa is, of course, the cost. While a larger corner sofa can be a substantial but worthy investment, a smaller corner sofa requires a smaller budget, proving that good things really do come in small packages!