18th August 2016

Will My Furniture Fit?

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Choosing a sofa isn’t easy, it can take many trips to many stores and hours spent deciding on a style, fabric and finish. Nothing could be worse than to discover on delivery day – the sofa won’t fit through the front door! To avoid embarrassment, extra costs and delays in receiving your much-awaited sofa follow our guide to walk through all the measurements and aspects of delivery you will need to consider before placing an order. If you read this and are still unsure you can request a dummy delivery with a display model sofa at an extra charge to be extra sure.

Entrance to Property & Access

First things first, before the sofa can make it to your front door you will need to check the accessibility of your property. Make sure there is ample space for a large van or truck to approach your property. Check for any parking restrictions on your road. Will the van be able to park without fines or charges?

Refurbishing in Chelsea - will my furniture fit
Photo by Marco Joe Fazio, LBIPP 

Door and Sofa Measurements

Door measurements are what you will be asked for most often when placing a sofa order as this is the most common obstacle delivery people will face when trying to bring your sofa into and around your home.

The measurements you will need to know are the height (A) and width (B) of any doorways into and around your property that the sofa will need to go through to get to your chosen room.

Door measurement

You will need to measure the width (X) and depth (Y) of the sofa you wish to purchase. Compare these measurements of your sofa to the measurements of your doors (X) to (A) and (Y) to (B).
Sofa Measurement 2sofa measurement


If you have staircases you will need to check the headroom and any tight turning space in the corners, this is especially important if you have an enclosed stairwell with no opportunity to manoeuvre the item over a bannister.

Black & White Entryway
Photo by Kara O’Connor Interiors


If you have any hallways or tight passages measure the clearance from the wall facing you, as you enter the the doorway of the room to the wall of the hallway or adjoining room (C). This information will ensure there is enough turning space to allow access to your chosen room.

 Hallway measurement

Fixtures and Obstacles

Lastly, be sure that on delivery day there are no obstacles such as tables and lamps or fragile items in the way that could be a hazard or get damaged. This will make for a faster, smoother hassle-free delivery for everyone.

Summerhouse Studio
Photo by Nicholas Yarsley photography