Studio Lounger Sofa in Lumio Teal
7th May 2021

Blue Living Room Ideas That Are Simple but Effective

By Darlings Of Chelsea


If you’re thinking of changing up your living room décor and are looking for a colour with versatility and character, a blue living room could be the ideal choice for you. Whether you’re looking for something tranquil and relaxing, something decadent and sophisticated or somewhere in between, there are different shades of blue to suit every style and theme. Whether you choose to paint it on your walls or incorporate it into your furniture, blue can complement numerous colours and work either in the forefront or as a background colour. Here are some blue living room ideas to give you some food for thought!

Kingston Sofa

Navy Living Room

A navy-blue living room evokes a sense of decadence, of heritage, which can be teamed with rich woods, to create a sophisticated yet cosy interior. If you want to team navy blue with a lighter accent colour, a navy and grey living room is a popular choice, with the grey acting as a cooler, more relaxed tone, to offset the richness the navy provides

If you like the idea of bringing some brighter colours into the mix, acting as a strong contrast to the navy blue, a blue and orange combination is a popular choice, as is mustard. These rich, vibrant colours become the star of the show, with the blue acting to make these colours pop even more.

Charnwood Love Seat in Varsese Velvet Turquoise

Blue Sofa

If you don’t want to commit to painting your walls blue, there are still plenty of ways you can create a blue living room. If the thought of a teal blue décor appeals, consider incorporating it in your room through your furniture. A velvet sofa like the Charnwood (in velvet turquoise), will immediately attract the eye and provide you with the opportunity to use this shade as your focal point. Lighter coloured walls with help to make your blue sofa the star of the show.

If teal is too vibrant and you want to create something more relaxing, consider a lighter blue, which can create more of a coastal style and a light blue living room. The Thatcham Range in a Cambridge Blue, in a living room with white walls, light woods and accessories in a nautical palette will create a calm, tranquil ambience, the perfect place to relax after a busy day!

Large sofa in Varese Velvet Denim

Different Shades of Blue

So far, we’ve looked at navy blue, teal and light blue as options for a blue living room. That doesn’t even come close to covering the sheer array of blues at your disposal.

Whether you head to Pinterest for inspiration or go to a hardware shop to see the reams of testers available, take your time to really look at the colours in your room, the colours you want to pair with and the overall style you want to achieve. Bear in mind that some blues have hints of other colours, be it purples, greens, whites, blacks, and greys to name but a few – and that will impact the temperature that colour gives off and the ambience it creates.

The good news is, no matter what kind of style you’d like to create, there is a blue to suit – it’s just a case of doing some research to pin down the exact shade.

Happy hunting!