6th October 2022

How to Decorate with a Terracotta Sofa

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Terracotta has long been a popular colour in the plant world, with many plant lovers opting for terracotta pots, but in recent years, this rich, warm colour has made a name for itself in the world of interiors, and for good reason. This versatile shade works well with multiple colour palettes, complements a range of interior styles, in particular bohemian interior and Mediterranean. While it’s a bold shade, it can also be styled to blend harmoniously into your room if you’d like it to. If you need further convincing, here’s our style guide for how to decorate with a terracotta sofa.

What Colours Go Well with Terracotta?

First, the word ‘terracotta’ is Italian for ‘baked earth’. Unlike a bright, vivid orange, terracotta contains brown tones which give it more of an earthy hue, which creates that real warmth of colour, ideal for cosy interiors. 

From neutral shades including creams, whites and greys, which tend to play a dominant role in a minimal interior or scandi interior, to bolder colours such as pinks, reds, mustards, greens and blues, there are so many colours that compliment terracotta you’ll be spoilt for choice. It may be a case of deciding what style of interior you want first, and then deciding which colour to pair your terracotta sofa with.

Terracotta Living Room

If you have your heart set on a terracotta living room, there are plenty of ways to accessorise to make sure it plays a leading role in the aesthetics. As this shade works beautifully with natural textures, consider pairing your terracotta sofa with timber furniture, and look at rustic textiles such as woven rugs and baskets. Add a few green leafy plants into the mix in some terracotta pots to complete the look!

How to Accessorise with a Terracotta Sofa

As well as making the most of natural textiles on your walls, the accessories you choose for your sofa itself can make a real impact in terms of the style you’d like to create including:

  • Mirrors
  • Picture frames
  • Carpets
  • Rugs

If you want a more pared back style, consider the use of neutral colours. If you’re not sure if terracotta and grey go together, the good news is that a grey and terracotta colour scheme is a winning combination. Whether you paint it on your walls or have grey cushions on your sofa, the warmth of the terracotta acts as the ideal counterpart to the more relaxing, chilled vibes provided by shades of grey.

If you’d prefer to add some bolder colours into the mix, a terracotta and blue colour scheme are the perfect partnership, with the earthiness of the terracotta acting as the perfect complement to the depth of colour a dark blue provides.

What Size is Best for a Terracotta Sofa?

There is no one size suits all approach when it comes to sofas, irrespective of colour. It’s all about the look you’re trying to create and the space available to do so. If you have a large room and want terracotta to be a dominant colour within that space, a terracotta corner sofa could be the perfect option, whereas if you’d like a splash of colour in the corner of your room, then a terracotta armchair such as the Hayle might be more suitable. If you’re looking for additional functionality, a terracotta sofa bed, such as the Bromley would tick all the boxes.

What is the Best Material for a Terracotta Sofa?

The material you choose for your sofa will impact on the depth of colour so it’s worth spending some time researching the look you want to go for before making any decisions. Terracotta fabric sofas tend to be slightly more muted than terracotta velvet sofas, which by their very nature bring a sumptuous, rich look to any interior. A terracotta leather sofa offers timeless appeal, as well as a real level of durability. So, it really depends on the look and style you’d like to create and how much of a starring role you’d like your terracotta sofa to play within your space.