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Monochrome Chic: Why Black & White Will Never Go Out of Style


The monochrome or black and white interior design scheme is a timeless classic, originating in the 1920's on the back of the art-deco movement it was formed out of a desire for geometric, block colours, high gloss black accents and flooring and plain light walls typical of art-deco style. The monochrome style is ever changing and easily evolves with the times which is why it will never go out of style.

Why Monochrome is a Classic Combo

Monochrome chic has shown up in design trends year after year, this classic style is constantly being reinvented to suit the times and popular themes from bold patterns to Scandi style. The basic colour scheme is easy to live with and perfectly adaptable for any room. You can easily incorporate a black and white theme to bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, bathrooms and living rooms making this a fantastically versatile design option.

The black and white theme is a great base for adding other colours, if you are looking for a future proof interior scheme that will last you for years this is a wonderful option as you can simply accessorize with on trend colours as the seasons change. Use throws, cushions, patterns and solid accessories such an vases and artwork to inject pops of colour into your room.

monochrome room Image Source

A monochrome colour scheme is often seen to be punchy and bold but can also be toned down with natural materials and neutral colours to create a calming restful environment, the lack of colour can create a peaceful space free of excessive stimulation.

Atticus in Linen Look Black 27 Atticus in Linen Look Black 27

How to

The monochrome theme can be adapted to a range of styles depending on how, where and with which materials you fill your room. As a rule of thumb allow one colour to be dominant, if you choose to use more black than white be aware that black will absorb light so you should introduce metallic's to lift and reflect light around the room.

If you want a sharp and sophisticated, contemporary decor you should look to use materials such as acrylic, modern plastics, brass accents, rose gold or copper in your accessories and furniture. The high shine reflective surfaces evoke a futuristic and luxurious feeling.
If you prefer the traditional black and white look, reminiscent of the art-deco era try incorporating metals such as antique brass or nickle and use a checkerboard pattern on floors and walls, the recently popular subway tiles with black grout can also work for this aesthetic.

To add colour or to update your look, try adding pops of on trend colours by way of accents such as vases, cushions, throws and artwork. Use bold bright colours for a more wowing effect, they look great against dramatic black and white patterns.

If you have decided to use a monochromatic colour scheme in your bedroom, think about blending in grey mid tones to create a more calm environment for relaxing. To avoid a potentially masculine looking bedroom search for a luxury headboard or bed and use sofisticated silk bedding for a softer feminine feel.

When using this scheme in a bathroom the ratio of black and white plays and important role, for a clean fresh look use more white with hints of black, or for a luxury spa like look use black on the walls and floors with white linens and accents.

2016 Trend

Monochrome chic has evolved again in 2016 into a more rustic, hand made, Scandi black and white style. In response to the ever consuming technological world we live in, our homes are taking a 'digital detox', incorporating natural materials and textures such as leather, wood, sheepskins and neutral tones the home becomes a calming retreat. Design features such as rattan chairs in the dining room or bold leafy house plants in the living room is an easy way to get this natural style in your own home. If you want a black and white theme with the 2016 spin try adding a sheepskin throw on a masculine leather sofa, or using woods such as teak in you flooring for the Scandi look, or use a rich wood flooring for warmth.

Image sourced Image sourced

However you choose to use this black and white trend in your home you are sure to have a winning home that will look fantastic and be on trend for years to come.

If you would like to browse our full range of black or white sofas you can follow the links below. To see other great examples, products and inspiration check out our Monochome board on Pinterest!

Black sofas & White sofas

Happy decorating!