8th December 2016

Jewel Tones – What Your Favorite Colour Says About You

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be doing a series on what your favourite colour says about you and how to use these colours in your home. This week we are exploring jewel tones, those deep, luxurious colours inspired by precious rocks such as sapphire, emerald, amethyst and ruby. If you love any one of these bold tones you are most likely to be a confident, creative and outgoing person. You are inspired by your environment and thrive on stimulation.

When using dark jewel tones in your home keep in mind that they can become overwhelming, if you are not confident about covering a whole room in one of these glamorous colours just yet, try using them in a hallway or bathroom, somewhere that you don’t spend prolonged periods of time.

Ruby Red

Red is a classic colour that always stands the test of time, it is also very versatile and can be applied to all styles of home from traditional to ultra-modern. This colour is considered to be a natural stimulant and will promote conversation and appetites alike so perfect for use in living and dining rooms. However, it should be avoided in the bedroom as this colour can cause you to become agitated or overly excited and may hinder your peaceful night’s sleep.

Jewel tones - ruby red

Image Source – Ideal Homes

A little goes a long way with this bold colour so best used in small sprinklings such as ornaments, candles, paintings or patterns. Not only is it important to get the balance right when using red but also the shade. Try not to mix different shades of red in one room as one tone alone is already quite impactful. Red furnishings work best when combined with neutrals such as stone and wood or white walls. Try to avoid using red in the bedroom as this colour can cause you to become agitated or overly excited and may hinder your peaceful night’s sleep.

Photo by Valerie Pasquiou Interiors 

If you have a bright red home or are dying to paint your living room a stunning ruby red you are most likely to be a warm compassionate person, someone who wants to take on the world. You have a powerful drive and zest for life that is contagious. Monotony is not your thing and you thrive on change, your creativity and ambitious nature demand attention, just like your home.

Delamere Love Seat

Delamere Love Seat

Sapphire Blue

Using blue jewel tones in the home can promote efficiency, helping you to cut through the clutter and discover what’s most important in your life. Be cautious as using a lot of deep blues can be quite moody. The best place to incorporate blue in your home is in the bedroom as this colour will nurture your mind and encourage restful sleep. If you are not brave enough to paint with this colour you can start by adding it through bed sheets and curtains or cushions. Balance this out with whites and creams for a fresh style.

Photo by Design Manifest 

Use this bright shade as a focal feature in a room by adding it through furniture such as a velvet ottoman or large artwork. Combine with like colours such as pale blue, pastel green or light purple for a peaceful pleasant look. Or if you prefer a bold summery look combine it with complementary colours such as yellow or orange for a striking, cheerful and uplifting style.

Credit: Rebecca Judd Loves Via: Brit+Co

Credit: Rebecca Judd Loves
Via: Brit+Co

If you are in love with sapphire blue you are most likely to have sophisticated taste. You prefer order and direction in life and have a deep need for inner peace and truth. You prefer to live life in line with your own beliefs and ideals and don’t like to change for others. You love a harmonious environment and your home is your reliable, stable sanctuary.

Darligns of Chelsea - Galloway Chaise Sofa in Varase Denim

Darlings of Chelsea – Galloway Chaise Sofa in Varase Denim

Amethyst Purple

Amethyst purple was tipped to be the colour of the year for 2017 by Benjamin Moore and we are in love! Purple jewel tones of plum and royal purple have long been associated with royalty and wealth. This rich colour will bring elegance and glamour to any room and bring life to neutral colour schemes of grey, white and beige. Perfect for both modern and traditional styles this colour is wonderfully versatile.

If you are thinking of using this glamorous colour in your home it will add an intimate, cosy feel to even the most spacious rooms. Perfect for use in both large and small living rooms. Avoid using purple jewel tones in the bedroom however as deep purple surroundings are known to disturb sleep and cause nightmares.

Photo by Grace Home Furnishings 

If you adore this gloriously sultry colour you are most likely to be an outgoing, confident and creative person. You have a strong desire to be unique and love to be seen as unconventional and adventurous. You are a highly spiritual person and have a need to feel in harmony with the universe.

Darlings Amy Sofa

Darlings Amy Sofa

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