20th March 2017

Warm Tones | What Your Favorite Colour Says About You

By Darlings Of Chelsea

This week we are exploring the realm of warm tones, these include yellows, oranges and reds. These luminous colours are energizing and when used confidently will stimulate conversations and appetites. Warm colours will spring forward to make any room feel intimate and welcoming. If you love these bold, bright shades you are sure to have a cheerful, friendly personality, you love to nurture people and entertain guests.


Orange has been an unpopular and underused colour in interiors for many years now, because of its retro 70’s association it has taken a bad rap and unfortunately been considered a big no-no. We think forget the rules and follow your own style! Orange is a wonderfully energetic and revitalizing colour that when used in a room will fill that room with a refreshing energy.

Warm Tones orange room
Photo by Susan Diana Harris Interior Design – Search contemporary living room pictures

Create a bright and warm atmosphere by incorporating this shade into your home, if you are just starting out with colour you can begin by adding cushions, ottomans and throws to inject some life into a neutral space. Place orange in rooms you anticipate a lot of activity such as a living room or outdoor room.

Warm Tones orange and grey room
Photo by DHD Architecture and Interior Design

Combine orange with crisp white or dove grey for a fresh, modern style or be bold and match orange with its complimentary hue blue for a truly vibrant feel! When paired with creams, tan orange will command the room’s hue and look wonderfully warm and inviting.

Warm Tones orange and blue room
Photo by Arlington Construction Management 

This colour is not for everyone, if feel yourself drawn to this shade you are the type of person that loves to be challenged both physically and socially. You love to be accepted and respected as part of a group and have a great need to be surrounded by people and socialise. You have no qualms about expressing your self-confidence and love to express your thinking and explore new ideas.


Yellow is one of the fantastically versatile warm tones that go with nearly every other colour. This colour is great for stimulating conversation so great for use in areas where you will do most of your entertaining or gathering. Yellow is also thought to enhance intelligence and mental agility so try using it in a study or reading nook for added benefits. As this is such a stimulating colour it is however not recommended for use in baby rooms contrary to popular belief as they can be too sensitive to too much stimulation.

Warm Tones

Photo by Pizzigati Designs- eco-chic interiors

Yellow comes in a fantastic variety of shades and tones which all work well for different styles and effects. A lemon yellow is great for accenting, incorporate this shade with cushions, throws and conversation pieces to bring life and vibrancy to a neutral room. Mustard yellow is a wonderful alternative to blue for a warm masculine look, also great for use in a modern bathroom. Pastel yellow used on floors and walls is perfect for a vintage-style space and creates an inviting feel.

Warm Tones yellow

Photo by Thomas Roszak Architecture, LLC

You can also vary the saturation of yellows for a look that is cheerful but not overly sunny. For a modern contemporary look, try a geometric or ikat patterned wallpaper in a bright yellow colour and mix it with dark neutral or blue accents for a balanced look.

Warm Tones yellow

Photo by Tobi Fairley Interior Design 

If you love yellow and already have a house full of cheerful rooms then you also probably have a warm, sunshiny spirit and a don’t-worry-be-happy attitude. Happiness comes easy to you and you light up the lives of everyone around you. You love to inspire and create new ideas and have a deep need to express your individuality and logical mind.

Hollie Love Seat in Pascal 45

Darlings of Chelsea – Hollie Love Seat in Pascal 45

Pale Pink

Pale pink may bring up images of a little girl’s bedroom or a Barbie doll however this was voted as Pantone’s colour of the for 2016 and has proved incredibly popular across all social media channels for home décor and design. Pale pink is in fact one of the very versatile warm tones and can be both dramatic and subtle depending on how you use it. Paired with a bold complementary colour such as indigo or bright green this colour is dynamic and lively.

Warm Tones pink

Photo by – Search shabby-chic style living room pictures

If you prefer a subtle warm look, pale pink can transform into an almost neutral colour, and paired with creamy neutrals you can create a soft oasis. Pair with simple grey furniture and gold accents for an ultra-chic and on-trend look. Painting with pale pink is a fantastic way to make a small room such as an attic feel more inviting than encroaching.

Warm Tones pink room
Photo by Sims Hilditch – Search contemporary living room pictures

If you have a soft spot for soft pink you are more likely to be a gentle person who has a deep need to be accepted and loved unconditionally. Pink is the colour of love and is a calm soothing colour, surround yourself in this colour during a time of emotional transition to promote comfort and tenderness.

Darligns of Chelsea - Paisley in Oscar Velvet Dusty Pink

Darlings of Chelsea – Paisley in Oscar Velvet Dusty Pink


Magenta is a very strong colour on its own and certainly shouldn’t be used on every surface at once unless this is what you want to do then, by all means, go ahead, and a burst of this bright pink shade in various places around a room can have a wonderfully striking effect.

Warm Tones magenta room

Photo by Andrea Schumacher Interiors 

To balance out the strength of this colour, add splashes of magneto in the form of geometric wallpaper, cushions, selected furniture or curtains in a white or grey room for a balanced and uplifting effect.

Warm Tones magenta bedroom

Photo by Great Neighborhood Homes 

If you are in love with this bold colour you are more likely to be a non-conformist who sees life differently, you have a vivid imagination and creative ability which usually translates into artistic pursuits in your home decoration. You like to seek balance in every aspect of your life and live a very organised life even if you are a free spirit. You possess a great deal of common sense despite having a spontaneous and impulsive nature. You love to motivate others to achieve their best and have a cheerful and optimistic personality.

Content by Terence Conran Matador Chair at Darligns of Chelsea

Content by Terence Conran Matador Chair at Darlings of Chelsea