16th March 2017

Soft Cool Tones | What Your Favorite Colour Says About You

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Associated with nature, soft cool hues such as blues, lavender and green are naturally calming. These colours are associated with nature and natural tranquillity and serenity, they are low-intensity colours and therefore easy on the eye. Perfect for relaxing after a stressful day and keeping a calm environment in your home. Read on to discover what your favourite cool tones say about you and how to use these colours in your home.


‘Greenery’ has been announced as Pantone colour of the year for 2017, a bright yellow-toned green reminiscent of spring’s new growth and fresh hope for the future. The Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute, Leatrice Eisman hopes the colour, will “burst forth in 2017 to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment, Greenery symbolizes the re-connection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.

Image Source: House&Garden Imgae Credit: Rachel Whiting

Image Source: House&Garden
Image Credit: Rachel Whiting

Green is the most calming and restful colour on the spectrum and is perfect for use in any room. To make sure the colour doesn’t overwhelm, make sure there is plenty of natural light. This is a great colour to use in the kitchen as it is a cooling shade. Green mixes well with dark woods and earthy tones as well as bright shades for a youthful atmosphere

green kitchen - cool tones

Photo by Choice Wood Company – Discover Mediterranean utility room design inspiration

If you love this fresh colour you may be considered a practical person who is down to earth, someone people can go to for advice and thrives on helping others. You are affectionate, loyal and frank however you care deeply about your reputation and have a deep need to belong.

Darlings of Chelsea - Stirling Chesterfield in Oscar Velvet

Darlings of Chelsea – Stirling Chesterfield in Oscar Velvet

Light Purple

Light purple shades such as lavender, violet and lilac are spiritually uplifting and calming, they tend to stimulate creativity and a positive mood.

lavender room with painting - cool tones

Purple has the ability to create a unique and modern atmosphere however you should be wary of how you use this colour as it tends to dominate and doesn’t mix well with many colours at once. Warm violet tones can add warmth to kitchens and dining rooms as lavenders are perfect for pairing with chartreuse or sapphire blues. Use light purple in the bedroom for its calming benefits.

lavender and cream bedroom

Photo by Tara Dudley Interiors, ASID, NCIDQ Certified – Browse eclectic bedroom photos

People who are attracted to pale purple are more likely to be compassionate and love doing good for others and those in need. You may have more of a tendency to create order and perfection in all aspects of your life and have a deep need for emotional security. You experience your friends like family and have a deep sense of humanity.

purple and blue room with two sofas

Domus Hopper in Reed Silver D6 with Plush Stripe Silver Blue and Cordaround Silver Scaters

Light Blues

This peaceful colour used in any room will make feel cosy and give you a sense of peace. If you have a stuffy formal living room introduce pale blue through paint or furnishings to create a more relaxed environment. Combine with wooden floors for an instant coastal look.

plea blue kitchen - cool tones
Photo by Wideline Windows & DoorsLook for coastal kitchen pictures

Using bright blue in your bathroom can help lift your mood and wake you up in the morning. Use light blue in the bedroom to promote better sleep and calmness as the colour is thought to lower heart rate and reduce blood pressure.

Image Source: CountryLiving

Image Source: CountryLiving

Pale blues are the ideal colour to bring peace and calmness into a home, this colour will dissolve tension and bring ease and harmony into relationships. If you favour this colour you are likely to be a cheery person with a soothing compassionate demeanor. Your home is your oasis.

Image Source: ElleDecor Designer: Amelia Carter Ltd

Image Source: ElleDecor
Designer: Amelia Carter Ltd


Mint home accessories dominated the interior decorating scene in 2016 and has carried through to 2017. This wildly popular pale fresh colour is instantly calming and works wonderfully when put with almost any other colour or pattern. This pretty colour is brilliantly versatile and thrives in both large and small spaces.

mint bedroom

Photo by Sophie Hansen – Search eclectic bedroom design ideas

Depending on how you style your space the organic, clean vibe this colour gives off can sometimes be a bit bohemian and even a touch masculine. For a completely unexpected look use it as a background for red, black or tan, you will be surprised how well mint complements these strong shades and makes them pop! If you are just looking to introduce a small touch of mint into your décor, start with small conversation pieces, pillows, throws and vases for a pop of freshness.

mint green kitchen - cool tones

Photo by Chi Renovation & Design – Look for traditional kitchen design inspiration

Peace, harmony and stability are probably very important to you in your life if you love the colour mint, you understand the importance of looking after yourself and staying in shape. You prefer a tranquil home life and enjoy calm activities such as reading. You like to encourage sustainable living and the importance of sustainable business and lifestyle practices.

Whinfell Chaise Sofa - Left in Varese Duck Egg R10

Whinfell Chaise Sofa – Left in Varese Duck Egg R10

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