2nd April 2017

Trend Revival – Unexpected Trends Making a Big Comeback

By Darlings Of Chelsea

When we look at new trends in interior design it is not often that it is completely new. Many trends are re-imaginings of previous eras and styles with a contemporary spin. Often a trend revival is of a decade looked upon fondly for its glamour, sophistication or innovative design. Mid-century style for example has recently exploded into the world of decorating once again for its simple clean aesthetic.

Every so often a trend will cycle back around which surprises experts and homeowners alike. From decades that were thought to be long gone, we get a trend revival that we hoped was forgotten. We are going to explore these unexpected trends revivals from 2017.

Discover how you can apply them in your home for a modern spin on decades past.

Wood Paneled Walls

Wood panelling was everywhere in the 1970s. If your home was built in the 70’s it probably had at least one wall with floor-to-ceiling wooden panels. When we look back on this trend it causes many to cringe and recoil…so much brown!

Image Source: Tickle Me Vintage

Image Source: Tickle Me Vintage

For reasons unknown timber walls have not been laid to rest and are starting to make a proud comeback. Forget feature wall paint, instead opt for wood panelling to make a retro statement in your home. Paired with bright, white and contemporary pieces and white walls wood panelling now showcases the wood grain.

white living room with feature wood paneled wall

Photo by Northbrook Design 

This retro-trend revival has taken a new direction to show off the grain, texture and tone of the wood used. This gives a particular effect depending on which wood has been used. No longer tied to vertical placement, horizontal wood-panelled walls have appeared with terrific effect. Using new and unique wood products including reclaimed and distressed woods gives new life to wood panelling. Increased awareness of sustainable building techniques encourages the use of reclaimed wood. The effect created is an incredibly striking feature that oozes warmth and creativity.

white kitchen with mixed wood paneled wall
Photo by Ensoul Ltd 

Painting over wood panelling with light shades of grey or white is another popular option when faced with an entire room or house. Leave exposed walls of wood as a feature instead. The combination of painted and natural gives a balanced feel and allows you to appreciate the wood without being overwhelmed or making the room too dark.

modern wood paneled wall
Photo by Yamamar Design 

Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is one of those things that never really went away. The art of constructing furniture from rattan and bamboo goes back to the days of tribal wicker weaving and has already had two eras of popularity in the ’50s and ’70s. However, it was the 70s that took this trend to heart and it is hard to find a material that evokes the era of the 1970s more as is the perfect material to make curvy-shaped furniture from.

red and yellow rattan furniture on floral and black rug
Photo by Adeeni Design Group 

The rattan chair and settee are a classic staple that works with almost every design style depending on how you use it. Whether you opt for a complete set or just one chair, rattan furniture instantly adds a relaxed natural element to any room. Add a rattan chair to soften a formal sitting room, and cover with furs or throws for a soft finish, especially if you are styling a Scandi style room.

Rattan chairs on brown and white strip rug with white side board
Photo by Morr Interiors

Rattan and Bamboo look fantastic when left natural but that doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. Try painting bamboo furniture with high gloss paint for a fresh coastal look. White always looks classic and clean however bright fun colours such as pink and teal also look fantastic when placed in a white room with fun bright accent scatters. Pair with gold fixtures for a balanced and sophisticated look.

Colourful Rattan in white room with colourful cushions
Photo by Leigh Olive Mowry-Olive Interiors 

If you are going for a coastal style home, look no further than rattan furniture. Combine both white painted chairs and natural rattan shelves in the same room for instant coastal style and a great balance or pair natural rattan with blue walls and a red throw or cushions for more of a lake house style.

Rattan chair - trend revival
Photo by Lisa Michael Interiors

Terracotta Flooring

Terracotta is a natural material that has been used worldwide for centuries for flooring, roof tiles, pottery, sculptures and more. This breathable material is making an unexpected resurgence in modern interiors for its natural, organic, earthy look. As the world moves away from plastics and looks for a re-connection with nature terracotta products are becoming ever more popular.

terracotta and cream bathroom with arch doorway
Photo by RJ Dailey Construction Co.

Terracotta will always give a warm, natural feel to any room. Paired with white contemporary furnishings you can achieve a more modern look. There are options for matte or shine finishes which both offer different feels. Try using in the bedroom with a panelled feature wall or bed and white walls and sheets. Keep the room clutter-free and make sure you have plenty of natural light for an airy, contemporary room.

terracotta floor bedroom with exposed beams
Photo by Ernesto Santalla PLLC 

Terracotta is very versatile and allows for many different styles of interiors. Use in the kitchen with warm yellows and woods for a friendly atmosphere. For a coastal Mediterranean look pair with blues and off-white.

Mediterranean courtyard with terracotta tiles
Photo by AlphaStudio Design Group

Layer other natural textures and materials such as a Flokati rug, linen or Rattan for a truly relaxed Boho vibe. However, your style with Terracotta your home will always feel warm and inviting.

country house entryway with terracotta floors
Photo by Anna Standish Interiors

Shag Pile Rug (Flokati)

No 1970s home was complete without a deep shag pile rug that you could sink your toes into. Luxurious and fun they make the perfect place to hang out with a bunch of friends. A shag pile instantly gives any room an elegant and sophisticated look, they are incredibly soft and add visual depth, inviting you to sit down and get comfortable.

Retro image of two men sitting on a shaggy rug with vintage cushions

Image Source: Flashbak

The shag pile has come a long way since the ’70s and is now available in a vast variety of textures, colours and textiles. The most popular shag rug on the market at the moment is the Flokati rug which is made from wool and comes in natural colours, sometimes with a black on a white geometric pattern. The Flokati has more of a bohemian, natural quality that is very on-trend in 2017. It adds instant warmth and a relaxed vibe to any room.

tan sofa on shaggy rugg and rattan chair
Photo by Nicole Newkirk

To create a modern look with a shag rug, combine with light and bright walls and furniture with metallic accents such as lamps and side tables or mirrors to add sparkle. The bright metallic contrast between the soft, comforting rug gives a sophisticated contemporary feel.

luxurious living room with two large plants and grey sofas on shaggy rug
Photo by Wen-Di Interiors 

Wherever you place a shag rug they will always add visual flair and make a welcoming statement. Perfect for use in a bedroom for warmth underfoot on cold mornings especially with hardwood floors. Also great for use in high traffic hallways to muffle the sound of footsteps. Use a shag rug as a centrepiece for kids rooms as they provide an excellent place to sit and play with toys or read a book.

modern penthouse bedroom with large brown shaggy rug
Photo by Guimar Urbina | KIS Interior Design

Floral Wallpaper

The 1990s took a move away from minimalism and a giant lead into the mantra that more is more. An abundance of everything was the cornerstone of 90’s decorating which included ruffles, Gingham, wall stickers, primary colours and of course floral, floral everything! There was no such thing as too much floral.

walk in wardrobe with beige and red floral wallpaper and white dresser

Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens

It’s now the year 2017 and its back, floral wallpaper is all over social media sites such as Pinterest but with a new contemporary twist. Gone are the days of intricate pastel floral on cream, we are now seeing giant oversized floral murals, bold graphics and strong colours in this trend revival.

bedroom with rattan bed and oversize print wallpaper

Image Source: Julian Charles

Small pastel floral walls combined with floral rugs and floral furnishings have been swapped out for bold walls and minimalist furniture. Solid white or black fixtures and walls contrast nicely against a feature floral paper for a more balanced and less overwhelming look. Pair solid black and white prints with floral wallpaper to create and feminine edgy look.

grey and black bedroom with grey floral wallpaper
Photo by Fiddlehead Design Group, LLC

Use wallpaper to create defined spaces where there are none, for example, use floral wallpaper to define a cosy reading nook or alcove. Or create a feature wall with floral wallpaper, pair with solid colour chairs, sofas and accents in colours pulled from the print or go all neutral with a subtle nude floral paper.

floral wall with hanging clothes
Photo by Entrance Fastighetsmäkleri
If you are excited by any of the trend revival ideas mentioned here you can check out our Pinterest board for more inspiration and blasts from the past.