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Corner Sofa Buying Guide

Corner Sofas – a buyer’s guide

If you’re shopping for a new sofa it’s likely you’re at least considering buying a corner sofa. Or maybe you’ve already decided that is what you want but you’re still navigating all the different options. Either way, this guide breaks down the world of corner sofas to help you understand what is out there and what you need to think about when making your selection.

What is a corner sofa?

Perhaps the best place to start is defining what a corner sofa is it’s a sofa that has a corner partway along it, so some of the seats are at right angles to the others. Most are L-shaped so one edge is shorter than the other, although it’s perfectly possible to have them equal lengths, and all of our sofa designs are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Dalby Fabric Corner Sofa in Fleck Pebble Dalby Fabric Corner Sofa in Fleck Pebble

Why choose a corner sofa?

There are a few reasons why people love corner sofas. Firstly, they are a really efficient way to use space and they don’t clutter a room as much as using a regular sofa and armchairs. Partly this is because they provide so much seating without the need for other chairs, and partly it is because they work so well when pushed into a corner. That opens uploads more floor space in the middle of the room, making it look bigger and more spacious.

Another great feature of corner sofas is how comfortable they are. Everyone loves sitting at the corner and being able to put their feet up and relax. And after all, if the sofa is going to end up as your most-used item of furniture, as it is for most people, maybe it makes sense to just have a big comfortable one that you can stretch out on, and not worry about armchairs at all.

The other thing we all enjoy about corner sofas is how sociable they are. Whether it’s a family, or a group of friends chatting or watching a movie, a corner sofa brings everyone together.

Ashdown Corner Sofa - Super Grand + Medium Unit in Habitat Sable with Mystic Mink Piping Ashdown Corner Sofa - Super Grand + Medium Unit in Habitat Sable with Mystic Mink Piping

Do I need a left or right-hand corner sofa?

Almost any other item of furniture you buy is symmetrical, so you don’t have to worry about which direction it goes. Most corner sofas, however, have a long edge and a shorter edge and, depending on how your room is laid out and where you want the sofa to go, this could be extremely important. If you are looking at the sofa, facing the longest edge, it is a right-hand sofa if the corner and the short edge are to your right. Obviously, then, it is a left-hand sofa if the corner and the short edge are to your left.

So how do you decide what kind you need? It depends a lot on where it is going in the room. If it is going to be placed into a corner then it might be clear straight away that one wall has more space than another, especially if one is interrupted by a fireplace, a door, or built-in shelving for example. If so, you must make sure that the sofa is the right way around so that the shorter edge goes against the shorter wall.

In other cases, it might just depend on how you want the room to work; depending on where doors are placed, where the television is, and so on. The important thing is to think about it before your place your order, and then make sure you order the right sofa. All of our corner sofas are available in left or right-hand configurations, so it is just a case of making your selection when purchasing.

Hollie Fabric Corner Sofa Hollie Fabric Right Hand Facing Corner Sofa

What about a modular corner sofa?

One way to avoid worrying about the direction your sofa faces, and to give yourself more flexibility, is to buy a modular sofa. These come in various shapes and sizes but, by creating your corner sofa from individual pieces pushed together, you have the option to make the shorter edge whichever side you please. In fact, depending on what sections you purchase, you may have the option to vary the length of sides or even to split it up into separate sofas, or a sofa and a footrest. That can be really useful if you are adjusting a room layout to cater for a big family gathering or a party, and then putting it back into a different format afterwards, for example.

The simplest kind of modular corner sofa is just a simple extension that you can put next to an ordinary sofa to create a second edge. This could have a back and arm, or it could be in the form of a backless seat that can also be put elsewhere in the room as a footstool or ottoman.

Alice Modular Sofa Alice Modular Sofa

What sort of design do you want?

Like standard sofas, our corner sofas are available in a variety of styles; leather or fabric, classic or modern, with or without arms, wooden frame or metal frame, legs or no legs, and so on. In most cases, this is simply down to personal preference and what will suit your taste, budget and the design of your home.

Material choice, in particular, is very personal but it’s still worth bearing in mind the pros and cons of each. Fabric corner sofas can sometimes be softer and more comfortable, especially in very hot or cold weather, and they won’t get scratched or worn in the same way as leather. Fabric sofas are usually a little cheaper as well. On the other hand, leather sofas can be particularly elegant and give a space a high-end appearance. They also don’t hold dust and other allergens, so can be better for allergy sufferers and don’t need regular vacuuming.

francesca_large_corner_sofa_with_chaise_in_20jh_leather Francesca Large Corner Sofa in 20JH Leather

What kind of features should you look out for?

Choosing a sofa nowadays isn’t just about choosing the style, material and colour, however. There are a number of other features you might want to consider:

Chaise end

A chaise end is an extension to the sofa seat on one end. Although this isn’t really a full corner sofa, it creates a slight L-shape and provides a bit more seating if required, although the real advantage is the added comfort and the ability to put your feet up. A chaise end takes up a little bit more space and, because it sticks out, doesn’t look quite as neat and sleek as a sofa without, but it does make your sofa even more inviting to sit on.

Amy Right Hand Facing Chaise in Eco Friendly Wool Amy Right Hand Facing Chaise in Eco-Friendly Wool


A corner recliner sofa gives you the ability to lower the back of the sofa and, often, raise the base of it as a footrest, making a wonderfully comfortable seat in which to watch a movie or even take a nap. Although it’s most common on more modern styles of sofa, you might be surprised at the wide range of sofas that have a recliner option.

Some corner recliners are manual, using springs and levers to allow you to easily move the sofa between positions, while others are electronic, so you can shift to your ideal position at the touch of a button. Either way, all of our sofas are also designed so that they recline even if the sofa is pushed right back against the wall, so you don’t have to worry about leaving extra space.

Fabio corner sofaFabio Corner Sofa in 20JK Leather


There’s no reason that a corner sofa can’t also be a sofa bed, and much of our range is available as corner sofa beds. This gives you the flexibility to offer a comfortable bed to guests, without wasting space when it’s not in use, so it’s always worth considering getting your sofa as a sofa bed.

The great thing with corner sofa beds is that because they often have a segment that isn’t used for the bed, in many cases this opens up as storage, allowing you to place bedding somewhere that is both out of the way and exactly where you need it to be.

Marco Corner Sofa Bed Marco Corner Sofa Bed


Buying a new sofa is a big and exciting decision, and it will often be the item that really makes your living space work, and on which you spend a lot of your time. A corner sofa can be a great option, freeing up space elsewhere in the room and providing somewhere comfortable to relax in front of the TV or host a group of friends or family. All you need to do is take a bit of time before purchasing anything to think about how you will lay your room out and how you hope to use your sofa and, therefore, what kind of corner sofa you need.