corner leather sofa
4th December 2019

Top Leather Sofa Colours for Your Living Room

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Choosing a new leather sofa is not something most people take lightly. Not only is it a big investment, but there are also a lot of factors to take into the equation – style, size, colour, and budget. They all have a part to play and can be a little overwhelming at times!

A leather sofa has been the choice of many over the decades and its popularity continues at pace, proving its versatility and ability to evolve with new styles and trends.

Not only does it offer timeless appeal, but it’s also incredibly durable and more resistant to scuffles and stains, while also integrating seamlessly into numerous interior styles. If leather is the right material for you, the next two decisions are style and colour.

Over the years, the colour palette for leather sofas has increased immeasurably, providing people with a lot more choice – here we take a look at three leather sofa colours for your living room.

1.    Brown Leather Sofa – A Popular Choice

It’s not hard to see why brown is the most popular colour for a leather sofa. It offers a wonderful palette, from tans through to rich chocolates and lends itself beautifully to classic sofa styles, such as a leather Chesterfield like the Harrington.

Not only is brown an earthy, warm colour, which happens to hide a multitude of sins, but it can also act as a real statement piece, or quite comfortably blend into your room, complementing the furniture and accessories around it.

As a neutral colour, it works well with other neutral shades, but it can also be the perfect companion for brighter colours, such as greens, pinks or yellows, which can be utilised to stop your décor from feeling too flat.

If you go for a large sofa, such as a 3 seater leather sofa, or a brown leather corner sofa, there are plenty of ways to bring colour and depth into your room so that your sofa doesn’t steal all the limelight (unless you want it to).

Dark blue walls offset brown shades beautifully, and colourful rugs can act as the perfect contrast. If you prefer to go for neutral colours, think about layering and bringing in some different textures to add some character.

2.    The Versatile Black Leather Sofa

While it’s not quite as popular as its tan counterpart, a black leather sofa doesn’t come far behind. Incredibly versatile, black is a strong choice when it comes to interior design due to its ability to complement pretty much every colour and style.

Whether you’ve got your eye on a Scandi theme, been creating a Pinterest board dedicated to Mid Century Modern design, or quite fancy the idea of an industrial look and feel, a black leather sofa will fit the bill, working seamlessly with multiple textures, patterns and colours.

If you have gone for a large sofa, such as a black leather corner sofa or a leather reclining sofa, make sure to choose some splashes of colour to prevent it overwhelming your space – perhaps with some plants or some metal contemporary lamps to act as a contrast.

 3.    Grey Leather Sofa – An Emerging Favourite

When it comes to interior design, a grey leather sofa has quickly become the favourite neutral – offering a wonderful palette of warmer and cooler shades to suit any design.

It can either play the main part or just happily enjoy a supporting role – blending into your room or standing out – the choice is yours. Grey works with other neutral colours and is just as comfortable sitting alongside brighter bolder colours such as burnt oranges, pinks and yellows.

The range of grey leather sofas is a lot more diverse than in years gone by, with plenty of styles available, from a leather sofa bed to a leather reclining sofa like an Olympia, and from 2-seater sofas to 4-seater sofas.

Whichever colour you choose, a leather sofa will be a wonderful addition to your home. It’s simply a case of deciding which one is best for your living space.

Happy shopping!