17th December 2019

What No-One Tells You About U-Shaped Sofas

By Darlings Of Chelsea


These days, we’re lucky to have an abundance of choice when it comes to choosing a sofa for our homes. Big or small, leather or fabric, black, white and all the colours in between – the choice is yours.

On top of all those decisions is the shape of a sofa. It’s not just about choosing between a two, three or four-seater sofa anymore, modular sofas have revolutionised sofa layouts, offering a plethora of options, from chaise sofas to recliners, corner sofas and u-shaped sofas. And the beauty of a modular sofa is that you don’t have to commit to one shape – you can change it to suit the occasion.

If it’s a shape you’ve never considered before, here’s what no-one tells you about a u-shaped sofa, and why you should factor it into your decision making.

Luxury and Modernity

While a u-shaped sofa is not as common as a corner sofa or a traditional sofa, it matches its counterparts when it comes to style. There’s plenty of modern u-shaped sofas to choose from, with a sleek, contemporary design, and if you want to push the boat out, there are some beautiful luxury u-shaped sofas available, ideal for those with large living space or perhaps a cinema room.

Sofa Size and Design

When you think of a u-shaped sofa, the immediate thought is the sheer size of it. In reality, not all are large u-shaped sofas, and with the flexibility a modular sofa provides, it’s possible to mix and match and end up with a small u-shaped sofa. Perhaps there is a chaise sofa on one side, which still gives you that space but doesn’t take up as much room.

However, if an extra-large u-shaped sofa is what you’re after, then that is also a possibility! Inevitably, a u-shaped sofa will take up more room than a standard 3 or 4-seater sofa but if you have space, then it’s worth looking into, you might be surprised by what you can fit comfortably into your living room.

The Versatility of a U-Shaped Sofa

As well as being fully customisable, and available in a range of materials, with leather u-shaped sofas and fabric u-shaped sofas equally as versatile, it’s also possible to choose a u-shaped sofa bed – perfect for when extra guests come to stay, without compromising on style or comfort. And for those who need some extra storage, it’s possible to build it into your u-shaped sofa.

To make the most of your modular sofa, try breaking it into sections, and moving it into different spaces in your living room, and for lazy weekends when you all want to curl up together and watch a movie, move it back together and stretch out!