31st December 2019

Top 3 Tips When Buying a Double Bed

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Given that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, the importance of a good bed shouldn’t be underestimated.

Whether you live on your own, as a couple or family, a double bed is a good investment all round – but it can at times be an overwhelming choice.

There are a lot of different elements to take into consideration – what sort of bed frame to go for, which is the best mattress, storage and headboard and finally what style of bed will complement your design.

If you’re looking for some ideas to help you decide which bed is right for you, here are our top 3 tips when buying a double bed.

1.    Types of Double Bed

Before even starting to look at beds, you first need to look at the space you have available and work out how best to maximise the room you have.

If you choose a double bed, does that restrict the amount of furniture you can have alongside it? If so, it’s worth considering a double bed with storage, which may help if you need somewhere to store clothes or bed sheets. A double ottoman bed such as the Dean Bed is the perfect option for those who need extra storage, with an easy lift-up mechanism to access your clothes.

If this is for a guest room, and you’re looking for a small double bed, a double sofa bed could be the answer. Gone are the days of clunky uncomfortable sofa beds, it’s now possible to find a double sofa bed which is both stylish and incredibly comfortable.

2.    Choosing Your Bed Frame and Mattress

There are a real variety of different bed frames and bases to choose from, so whatever design you’ve chosen for your bedroom, there will be a double bed frame to suit it.

Whether you like the look of a real showstopper like a sleigh bed, prefer the idea of effortlessly stylish wooden bed frames or perhaps like the practicality of a double divan bed, the bed frame can influence the design of your room, offering either a contemporary, rustic or traditional style.

The mattress, however, is all about comfort – and it’s important that you look at the different types of double mattress available and work out which one will suit you.

There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at your mattress – do you prefer a hard or soft mattress? Do you and your partner have different sleeping styles? It’s worth heading out to take a look at the different types available, and more importantly, try lying on them – it’s the only way to know if it’s for you!

 3.    Bed Accessories

Once you’ve decided on which is the right double bed for you, you can then move on to the fun stuff – accessorising!

Again, it depends on which bedroom this is for. If you’re buying a kids double bed, then you can look at colourful bedsheets, with your children’s favourite characters on them – all of which will help to bring real personality into their room.

Accessories need to complement the bed frame as well – if you’ve gone for a white double bed, that gives you real carte blanche to go for anything when it comes to bedding, cushions and throws but if you’ve chosen a crushed velvet double bed, you will need to consider your accessories more careful to ensure everything works together rather than against each other.

Given that a bed tends to be a real focal point within a bedroom, it’s worth spending some time looking at lots of different options, so that when you make your decision, you can be safe in the knowledge that when you get into bed at night, you’re happy with your choice.

Sweet dreams!