15th December 2021

10 Best Tips to Decorate Your Bedroom for Christmas

By Darlings Of Chelsea


Decorating the house for Christmas is an exciting time for all, with Christmas trees, fairy lights and garlands galore, but for how many rooms do you extend your Christmas decorations? If you like the idea of having a festive theme in different bedrooms of your home, as well as your downstairs space, there are plenty of easy ways to create a lovely Christmassy feel – here are 10 of the best tips to decorate your bedroom for Christmas.

Kid’s Room Ideas

Given children tend to be the most excited about Christmas, it makes sense to really go the extra mile with the décor in the bedroom, so they feel the magic of this time of year from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to bed!

1.It doesn’t have to be complicated – if you don’t want to make any major changes, why not simply add some kid’s Christmas bedding? There are so many wonderful designs out there, you can find some fun Christmas bedding style that suits the room’s colour palette but really gives off that festive aura.

As well as the bedding, given that the bed tends to be a feature in any bedroom, make the most of it. You can use it to hang stockings at the end or run some tinsel along the headboard – have some fun with it!

2.Another simple yet effective tip is Christmas lights in a bedroom. Whether you hang fairy lights or have an illuminated snow globe, it can instantly transform a space to create a cosy, inviting glow.

3. If you have space and want to go the extra mile, why not put a small Christmas tree in your child’s bedroom? Your child can be responsible for choosing the decorations, which gives them the chance to create their dream tree, ready for Santa’s arrival!

Teen’s Room Ideas

Christmas room décor for a teenager is slightly different to a younger child. A more subtle approach may be preferable for your teen.

4.Rather than Christmas bedding, a Christmas-themed throw on their bed may be the right choice, or even some festive scatter cushions.

5.What teenager doesn’t love candles? Some Christmas candle holders, with some festive foliage and berries and some lovely Christmassy scents, such as cinnamon and orange can help to create a cosy Christmas bedroom.

6.And while they may not want to go all-out, they may be secretly delighted with a mini-Christmas tree on their bedside table. Simple, yet effective.


Adult Room Ideas

Whether it’s for a guest bedroom or for yourself, get into the festive spirit with a few Christmas decorations in your bedroom.

7.As your bed is often the focal point of your room, it’s the perfect place to start with your decorations. If you have a headboard such as the Windsor, you can use this to display a garland or some twinkling fairy lights. A themed throw will help to create that festive ambience and wall decorations such as Christmassy bunting will add to the effect.

8.Scented candles, scatter cushions and a wreath above your bed are all simple but lovely ways to create a hint of Christmas.

9.Work with a Christmas colour palette, incorporating traditional colours such as reds and greens, or a more luxe palette with silvers and golds. If you want to keep it minimal, why not create a White Christmas bedroom with some:

.White candles.

.A mini white tree with white frosting.

.A faux fur rug.

.or lots of white fairy lights will all help create that contemporary festive feel

10.As well as decorating your bedroom, don’t forget the windows! Whether it’s children’s, teens or adults’, a stencil on your window can create a truly lovely, inviting aesthetic in your bedroom. There are lots of different stencils out there, so whether you fancy a stencil of a star or of Father Christmas, the choice is yours!