4th December 2020

How to Give Your Living Room That Magical Christmas Look

By Darlings Of Chelsea

It’s fair to say that 2020 hasn’t been the year anyone was expecting. And with the festive season now almost upon us, it feels more important than ever to create some Christmas magic, bringing some much-needed cosiness, warmth, and positivity into our homes.

A Christmas tree goes a long way to helping create that heart-warming ambience but there is so much that you can do in your living room to transform it into a winter wonderland!

While there are lots of different ways to add some festive cheer to your living space, your Christmas décor will be most effective if aligned with the style of your room. We’ve included many different styles of living rooms below and provided some festive tips to give your living room that magical Christmas look.

Modern Living Room

If your lounge has a more modern look and feel, choosing a more traditional Christmas décor may feel out of place. Instead, why not choose your decorations to align with your colour scheme?

If you don’t want a real tree, there are lots of different alternatives, some of which have a fresh, contemporary feel to them such as a wooden tree installation or even a metal tree! If you do want a real tree, choose pared-down decorations which can then be complemented by decorations around your room, from scented candles to wreaths above your fireplace and a centrepiece on your coffee table.

Don’t forget to bring your sofas into the mix as well – whether you have a large corner sofa or some occasional chairs, add some different cushions and throws that tie into your Christmas theme.

In terms of colour, if you have a monochrome colour palette, think of white snowflakes, candles and decorations on the tree, to bring an airy and bright feel to your festive design. The Scandi look is all about minimalism, less is very much more in this scenario. Your tree will add that element of colour but keep the coloured decorations to a minimum and focus on simple lighting.

Traditional Living Room

If you are looking for Christmas living room ideas for a more traditionally styled room, think stockings above the fireplace, plush reds and greens and warm inviting fairy lights.

If you have a fireplace, stockings hung above it help to create a real sense of excitement as the countdown to the big day starts. If you don’t have a fireplace, create a mantel with some festive foliage!

Create a rich colour palette to run throughout the room, using plaid or velvet cushions, sprigs of holly and ivy tucked above mirrors and picture frames, and some mistletoe above the doorway.

Fairy lights create a wonderfully inviting aura – as well as adding lights to your tree, string lights across your beams, along your curtain poles and anywhere else you can think to hang them!

Christmas is a time for socialising – spending precious time with family and friends – make sure your furniture is set up to accommodate them. If you have a modular sofa think about its positioning to create the perfect set-up. Dress up your traditional sofas with textured throws and add festive accessories to your coffee table.

Luxury Living Room

Christmas décor for a luxury living room can be quite different to the more traditional style of decorating. With luxury, comes a more sumptuous, opulent level of festivity – think golds and silvers, with beautiful glass baubles and ornate candles.

When accessorising your furniture, consider faux fur throws on your sofas, and if you want to go for it, why not gift wrap the books on your shelves to ensure your theme runs throughout the room? Gold can also be used as an accent colour, perhaps adding a touch of gold through the cushions on your sofas.

There are some truly beautiful wreaths and garlands available – find one that ties into your décor and add a touch of greenery to your Christmas theme. And of course, no look is complete without some beautifully wrapped presents under your tree!

Country Living Room

If you’re looking for some ideas for how to dress your country living room for Christmas, think about bringing the outdoors in. A natural wreath, utilising some beautiful pine can make a real statement, while some pinecones can add that rustic touch to your décor.

A farmhouse living room also provides the opportunity to make your own decorations – whether it’s baking oranges and cinnamon and having them hang from the ceiling or creating salt dough star garlands hung with brightly coloured twine. Think natural textures, from hessian table coverings to wooden stars and natural tree skirts (base).

Don’t forget to factor your furniture into the equation as well – add accent cushions to your fabric sofa, a comfy throw to your Chesterfield sofa and some fresh foliage to the corners of your mirror.

This rustic theme will also work beautifully on the tree itself. From rattan tree toppers to ribbons, handmade ornaments and vintage tags, these organic textures will help your tree radiate warmth and personality.

Fragrance can also play a big part in creating a certain ambience in your room. With rustic décor, use candles or incense which bring the forest into your home.

Eclectic Living Room

An eclectic living room might be the easiest room to work with when it comes to Christmas decorations. Ultimately, an eclectic décor isn’t tied into one particular theme, which means that your Christmas theme can follow suit!

Think brightly coloured baubles on the tree, interesting artwork on the walls or a combination of textures on your furniture, from hessian to velvet to pom poms!

Your living room is a collection of furniture and accessories that you have pulled together and your Christmas decorations should do the same – if you like them and think they’ll work, they will!

The run-up to Christmas this year feels even more special – we have all spent the best part of 2020 staring at our own four walls – December is a chance to add some magic, so don’t hold back.

Gather inspiration from a whole range of sources, whether it’s through our blog, Pinterest, online media or peering through your neighbours’ windows!

Whatever way you choose to style your living room this year, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas.