30th May 2023

Guest Bedroom Ideas for an Inviting, Welcoming Space

By Darlings Of Chelsea
The Chorley King Size Headboard with the Barnsley King Size Ottoman in Stain Resistant Cotton Velvet Lunar

If you’re a fan of the phrase ‘mi casa, su casa’, then making your guests feel at home when they stay with you will be a top priority. Whether you have a permanent guest room or a spare room that doubles as a bedroom as and when needed, there are plenty of ways to make this room feel inviting and comfortable while remaining practical and multi-functional (where needed). If you’re looking for guest bedroom ideas, whether it’s a complete refurb or a simple refresh, our guide is filled with ideas on how to make you the host with the most!

What should go in a typical guest bedroom?

The Esher Scroll Headboard and Emsworth Chair

If you have the luxury of a spare room which can be used as a bedroom for guests, you want this space to feel homely and comfortable, somewhere your guest will feel relaxed. A comfortable bed, a place to put any clothes and a mirror are a good place to start. In addition, good quality curtains will help your guest enjoy a good night’s sleep and if you have room for a bedside table and lamp, that helps to create a more calming ambience in the evening. If possible, you’d want to ensure you don’t keep too many of your belongings in there to avoid the feeling of clutter and equally you don’t want the space to feel too pristine or formal. It’s all about creating an inviting, welcoming space.

Guest bed ideas

Inevitably the focal point of any bedroom, the bed in your guest room can help to create a particular aesthetic and make a real difference to the look and feel of the room. Depending on whether you like the idea of a contemporary or traditional design, there are a range of guest bed ideas to play with. A contemporary bed tends to be sleek and slimline, while a traditional bed features more curves. If you really want your guest bed to take centre stage in the space, a sleigh bed adds a real wow factor. If storage is a priority, an ottoman or divan base will give you a generous amount of accessible storage, without taking up any additional space.

Guest Beds for Small Spaces

The Bed in a Box in Linen Look Velvet Sorbet (Discontinued Fabric)

If your spare bedroom is too small for a bed in there full-time, there are lots of small guest room ideas out there. Sofa beds have come a long way from their original conception, and are now available in a range of modern and traditional styles and an array of sizes. When your guest bedroom also doubles up as an office or a reading room, having a sofa bed can be a more desirable option – still offering your guests a comfortable night’s sleep, without taking up the same space as a standard bed.

In addition to the sofa beds, there’s also the option of a bed in a box. Compact, stylish and comfortable, a bed in a box takes up less room than a bed or sofa bed but still provides a comfortable night’s sleep for your guests. It can also double up as extra seating or a footrest – what’s not to like?!

Stylish Headboards

Wokingham Headboard in Easy Clean Plush Velvet Royal Blue

From relaxing back with a good book or enjoying a cup of tea in the morning, a good quality headboard can make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of a room and to your guest’s experience.  

While headboard design used to be formulaic, the good news is that there is a lot more choice these days. Whether you have a modern or traditional style, there is a headboard to accommodate. If you have high ceilings, that can also give you more options, with tall headboards exuding contemporary style. If you choose a fabric bed, its upholstery can tie into the overall colour palette you choose, and you can decide whether you’d like your bed to blend subtly into the space or really stand out.

Ensure Room Layout Factors in Lighting

When retiring to their room for the evening, think about the lighting that will be available to your guest:

  • Will it be the main light switch?
  • What colour light does it emit?
  • Is it bright white or is it softer in colour?

When thinking about spare bedroom decorating ideas, lighting should definitely be a consideration. If there’s an option for some additional lighting, either through a bedside lamp or a floor lamp near the bed, this provides more ambient lighting and makes it easier for your guests if they need to get up in the night.

And it’s not just about artificial light, it’s also important to factor natural light into your design. When thinking about where to place the bed, consider the shape of your room and where the light enters it. Will the bed be facing the window? If so, blackout shades would make sense, stopping any unnecessary early wake-ups!

Introduce a Bedroom Chair

The Snowdon Single Bed Range and Morley Chair

If you have space in your guest room for furniture other than a bed and wardrobe, a bedroom chair would be a great option. With a range of styles and sizes available, you can choose a chair that complements your aesthetic and ties into your colour palette.

From contemporary armless chairs, great for smaller spaces, to beautiful armchairs which will create a stylish focal point in your space, the right chair can really transform your room.

Factor in a Comfortable Mattress

The Laverstock 5000 Pocket Sprung Mattress

Whether you’re looking for small guest room ideas or have a large spare room you’d like to transform, the best place to start is with your mattress. Providing your guest with a great night’s sleep is the best possible gift and a quality mattress will go a long way to achieving that.

From single mattresses, all the way through to emperor mattresses, spend some time researching the different options. From pocket-sprung mattresses through to memory foam, there’s a lot of choice – it’s simply a case of workout which is the best option for a multitude of guests.

Guest Bedroom Colour Ideas

The Littlehampton King Bed in Stain Resistant Viscose Cotton Sweet Briar with Dark Oak Legs

Colour can play a large part in defining the style of a room. If you’re pulling together modern guest bedroom ideas or looking at how to create a more traditional aesthetic, the colour you choose on your walls and your accessories can make all the difference. As this is not the master bedroom, you can also consider some guest bedroom colour ideas that are a little more adventurous!

From a relaxing neutral palette to calming blues and lilacs, soothing greens, and earthy reds – take your time to look through the colour wheel and the furniture you’re incorporating into your space. Factor in natural light sources and floor colour and try lots of samples before making the final decision.

Dual-Purpose Guest Room

The Cowes 2 Seater Sofas Bed in Easy Clean Plush Velvet Palm

If you have a dual-purpose guest room, the room design needs to take a few things into consideration, like:

  • Do you only occasionally accommodate guests?
  • Is it used as an office?
  • Is it used as a playroom?
  • Is it used as a reading room?

If you’re looking for office spare bedroom ideas, a bed may not be a practical choice as it will dominate the space without being used on a daily basis. Instead. a sofa bed or a bed in a box would be better suited. Not only does a sofa bed take up less space and still offer you a comfortable night’s sleep, but it’s also a great place to relax when you take a break from working and it’s a stylish addition to your room!

Guest Bedroom Accessories

Aside from the functional furniture required to make up a guest room, it’s also great to incorporate some accessories to add character to the space, such as:

  • Cool art
  • Fresh flowers
  • Mirrors
  • Books
  • Coat hooks
  • Bedside tables.

Effective Use of Storage

The Puddletown King Headboard and Bampton Storage Ottoman

Depending on the size of your guest room and whether it has a dual purpose, storage may not be a major priority but if you have space, it’s worth factoring it in. From handy storage within your sofa bed, to shelves, hanging rails and even hooks on the back of doors, adding even a small amount of storage can add to the practicality of your room.

Switch Up Your Bedding

If you want a simple and budget-friendly way to change the look and feel of your guest room, switching up your bedding is a great way to make a start. While white bedding creates a minimalist, Scandi aesthetic, it’s bold, rich colours or patterns that can really build on any theme you’ve chosen to create. If you love the idea of cottagecore, then floral bedding will add to the effect. If you want to create a coastal look and feel, using shades of blues will help tie into that theme. When you’ve decided what look you want for your guest room, research similar looks on places like Pinterest to see the bedding they’ve used to get some ideas. And it’s not just bedding – with throws, blankets and cushions, there’s a wealth of opportunity to create a really stylish focal point, simply through your choice of bedding!