5th April 2023

Spring Décor: How to Decorate My Home in the Spring

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Of the four seasons, Spring is the one that represents new beginnings. From snowdrops and daffodils to lighter evenings and milder weather, it signals the end of dark mornings and nights and brings us some welcome colour, warmth and growth. So it’s no surprise that Spring is heralded as the perfect time for redecorating or refreshing your home décor. Whether you want to completely change your interior or make a few small changes to give your space a new lease of life, we’ve pulled together our favourite spring decorating ideas to give you some inspiration. From colour to textiles and accessories to decluttering, here’s our guide to Spring décor ideas.

What are the colours of Spring?

Unlike Winter, which is cold and dark and has a genuine focus on deep, rich colours that add much-needed cosiness, Spring has a focus on fresh, bright colours, giving you a wealth of opportunities to add some brightness to your interiors with your Spring decorations.

Green plays a central role in the Spring colour palette. Think lush meadows, gardens showing new signs of life and leaves returning on trees, providing us with a plethora of beautiful shades of green which can be incorporated into your interior in numerous ways, whether it’s the colour on your walls or the simple addition of a verdant house plant.

Pastel pinks and blues, warm yellows and white are also associated with Spring, through:

  • Cherry blossoms.
  • Duck eggs.
  • Daffodils.
  • Magnolias and more.

Spring décor ideas

With lighter evenings, warmer days and lots of growth, Spring is the ideal time to turn your Pinterest boards into reality. Whether you are looking at introducing Spring style into a traditional or contemporary interior and whether it’s your living room, kitchen, or bedroom that you want to spruce up, there are plenty of Spring ideas and design options to suit.

Switch up the Soft Furnishings

The Bucklebury Bed in Tweed Canvas

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to transform your interior is through your soft furnishings. If you still have the winter throws on your sofas, now is the time to put them away and introduce new lighter, brighter blankets and cushions. Incorporate natural textiles and consider mixing and matching colours and patterns to inject some energy into your space.

Decorate your Front Door

A Christmas wreath is a popular option for people to decorate their front doors with but have you considered Spring decorations? Whether you’re feeling creative and like natural decoration ideas, or want the ease of buying something readymade, there’s several beautiful options to choose from. From Spring garlands to Easter wreaths, there’s an array of vibrant colours and styles, with the option of fresh greenery to Easter decorations and fake flowers (which have an inevitably longer shelf life).

Switch Up Your Tableware

Switching up your tableware is yet another simple and budget friendly way to bring the essence of Spring into your space. From a pastel tablecloth to some fresh tulips and floral napkins, just a few small changes will bring a splash of colour to your room and a smile to your face.

Loose Sofa Covers

The Amesbury Large Sofa in Washed Linen Sea Salt

If you have a sofa with loose covers such as our Jude sofa, you can enjoy the flexibility of changing the look of your sofa by simply choosing some new covers. You can change the material as well as the colour, which in turn can completely change the aesthetic of your room. From beautiful soft pastels to neutral linens or verdant velvets, new covers can give your space a new lease of life. Check out our blog to find out more about the benefits of a loose cover sofa.

Spring Window Display Ideas

As well as tweaking your tableware, adding some Spring touches to your windows can make a real difference. Whether you introduce some house plants onto your windowsill, hang some bunting or dried fruit, introducing some colour here helps to create synergy across your space.

Choosing Seasonal Colours

Pimlico Footstall in Stain Resistant Recycled Cotton in Cliff Walk

Whether you’d like to give your walls a lick of paint, add some patterned wallpaper or introduce some accessories, seasonal colours will create a real focal point in your space. And the beauty of Spring is that there are so many wonderful colours and shades to choose from, ensuring there’s something to suit all interiors. If you choose a pastel colour, you can ensure it lasts all year round by changing your accessories throughout the seasons to tie in with the time of year.

If you don’t want to overhaul your room completely, why not change up a smaller piece of furniture, such as a footstool. Multi-functional and stylish, you can also choose from a range of colours and materials, to either complement your existing furniture or provide a stylish contrast.

Decorating with Pastel Colours

From beautiful Cherry Blossoms to duck-egg blues, pastel colours are synonymous with Spring and can bring some much-needed energy into your space, following a Winter period where the desire to get cosy and hibernate tends to take centre stage.

If the idea of pastel walls feels too overwhelming, there are lots of ways you can incorporate pastel living room ideas into your space. Start small by introducing some art where the primary colours are yellows, mint greens or lavenders and add layers through accessories such as lamps or cushions. A love seat or an armchair in a soft pink velvet could provide a stylish contrast to your existing furniture – but if you’re not sure which pastel colour is right for you interior, pick up some paint charts or order up to eight free swatches from Darlings to see them in situ before making any decisions.

Lighten Your Home Through Decluttering

The annual traditional Spring clean sees us clean and tidy our house with fervour, as if awakening from hibernation and getting ready for the year ahead and decluttering can very much tie into this. Having space in your room can make a room feel more airy and can help to shape the identity of your décor. The best way to declutter is to start small. Go through one drawer or area a day, removing anything that you no longer need or use (or in the words of Marie Kondo ‘brings you joy’), and slowly but surely work your way round the room.

Embrace Natural Textures

Alongside seasonal colours, the use of materials can make a big difference in your interior. Natural decoration ideas can be simple items such as woven baskets, jute rugs or wooden bowls, all of which bring a real warmth to your space and create an ambience which connects you to the outdoors.

Decorating with Botanicals

The Brighton Large Sofa in Easy Clean Plush Velvet Juniper

Spring is the time of year when things start to grow. Leaves appear on trees once more, daffodils bloom and the grass in your garden makes a welcome appearance. Bringing some botanicals inside, similar to working with natural textures, creates a calm and inviting environment and it’s simple and cost effective to do. From botanical cushions to beautiful houseplants and art, there’s a wealth of botanical living room ideas and if you’re nervous about house plants, make sure to choose hardy plants such as Cacti, Dracaenas or Swiss Cheese Plants.

Utilizing the colour green helps to create a calming aesthetic and is known as biophilic design, which strengthens the connection between the indoors and outdoors by working with plants and natural textures. From a light green accent chair to a dark green sofa, or a green throw or feature wall, take some time to look at the numerous shades of green to decide what works best in your interior. For further inspiration, read our blog on how to decorate with a green sofa.

Mantel Décor and Fireplace

As well as utilising Spring window display ideas and adding a touch of the new season to your table settings, if you have a fireplace and mantelpiece, these are great places to incorporate some Spring décor.

If your have a non-functioning fire, the perfect Spring mantel décor idea is a floral display which brings the season to life in your interior and creates a stunning focal point. Alternative ideas could include:

  • Cotton flowers.
  • House plants.
  • If you have picture frames, changing the frames to lighter, brighter designs.

If you have a functioning fire, think about artwork, ceramic plates and vases, all of which can bring a splash of colour into your space.

Wall Décor Ideas

Essentially a blank canvas, your wall is an opportunity to curate your own personal gallery. And it doesn’t just have to be art. It can photos, it can be sculptures or an array of different-sized mirrors. If you don’t want to wallpaper your entire room but love the look of a floral William Morris wallpaper, why not frame a small piece of it, giving you the best of both worlds! You can also hang dried flowers and personal mementos – all of which give you a great opportunity to lean into Spring through your use of texture and colour. Your chosen art could be botanical, your mirrors could have a natural surround and you could press your own flowers and frame them. The choice is yours!

How Do I Make My Home More Cosy?

The Exmouth Corner Sofa Bed in Plush Velvet Lichen

The good news is that having a Spring clean and a declutter won’t make your home less cosy, and with your choice of accessories and textures, you can make it even more inviting. Think of soft wool pastel throws and smooth velvet cushions. Add a decorative cake stand on your table and fill it with Spring delights such as hot cross buns and decorated eggs. Change your light bulbs from bright white to soft white and make the most of any natural light coming into your room. For more ideas and inspiration, read our blog on 8 Cosy Living Room Ideas.

The beauty of living room Spring home décor is that even a few small changes can make a real difference to your space. Start small with a vase of beautiful tulips and see where Spring inspiration takes you!