18th May 2022

10 Easy Decorating Ideas for Summer

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Dare we say it, but it looks like summer and some warmer days are around the corner! And while most of us are dreaming are far off shores and holidays abroad, this year it seems the majority will spend the summer months staycationing at home. If you’d like your interior to match your mood, there are plenty of quick, easy and relatively cheap ways to make some changes in your home – here are 10 easy decorating ideas for summer to get you started!

10 Easy Decorating Ideas for Summer

How Can I Decorate My Room for Summer?

Summer is all about lighter mornings and evenings, the smell of freshly cut grass, bright colourful flowers, a glass of Rose in the garden or a picnic on the beach. To decorate your room for summer, try to think about how you can bring those elements to life in your living space.

Let’s start with a light colour palette. We all enjoy those lighter mornings and later sunsets and bringing that light into your interior can be a good place to start. This could be using white paint, to really brighten up your space, or through the likes of white flowy curtains.

If you have darker furniture, think about how you could brighten it up, perhaps with some summer accessories – brightly coloured cushions or throws are an easy way to make a noticeable difference.

signature armchair

Bring The Outside In

As much as we’d love to spend the entire summer in the garden, you can recreate the feel of being indoors, making it that little bit easier to head inside as the sunlight starts to fade. Outdoor furniture, particularly rattan or bamboo can work equally well indoors, especially if you’re happy to create a boho interior design, so why not bring your outdoor furniture in? Or invest in some smaller pieces which you can use indoors and out!

As well as making the most of your outdoor furniture, you can bring a real sense of the outdoors through flowers. A bunch of colourful, freshly cut flowers can immediately transform a room, both visually and through their scent. As well as having flowers in situ, floral prints can provide cheerful, engaging energy and have a much longer shelf life!

brown leather bed

Summer Wreaths

As well as having flowers inside, you can implement a verdant design from the moment you walk through the door by introducing a summer front door wreath. Think lush, green foliage, with hints of colour or go for something more colourful and on-trend with a dried flower wreath, using colours that match your interiors to see your summer theme run throughout.

blue corner sofa

Let’s Get Nautical

Nothing says summer more than a trip to the seaside. There are plenty of ways you can create a nautical décor in your living room, to capture the serenity and laid-back lifestyle life by the sea presents. If you decide to go for a lighter colour palette, introduce nautical accents, such as light blues and aqua.

Distressed furniture or frayed textiles can help to bring that beach hut vibe to life – if you have some spare paint, why not consider some furniture painting – taking some older pieces and reinventing them? If you have any travel prints, such as photos of you all by the sea, frame them in reclaimed wood, or choose some nautically themed prints, such as old maps, to bring your coastal design to life.

If you’re thinking of investing in a new sofa, the likes of the Exmouth in light blue will not only help to tie your nautical theme together, but it will work all year round, and as a sofa bed, is ideal if you have guests visiting over the summer!

grey armchairs with wooden legs

Summer House Ideas

If you have or are thinking of having a summer house in your garden, this is the perfect location to create a summery aesthetic. It’s the perfect location to paint completely white, before adding bursts of colour to bring it to life. Your outdoor furniture will feel right at home and if you want to create a bit more of a cosy ambience, string up your outdoor fairy lights to create a cosy, inviting space.

When it comes to textures, if you’re planning on going down the bohemian route, think rattan, bamboo, and frayed rugs. Ideal summer house accessories include frayed mirrors, colourful cushions, and a bar trolley, which can be wheeled into the garden for those sunnier days!

Outdoor Summer Decorations

If you have an area outside that you can sit back and relax in, it makes sense for your design to align with your summer interior. Your furniture painting activities could be extended to your outdoor furniture, perhaps bringing a slightly older, more tired piece of furniture back to life with a lick of paint?

grey corner sofa

Summer Scents

You’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure your house looks ready for summer, but what about adding some summer scents to the mix? As well as fresh flowers, there are plenty of additional ways to give your living space that scent of summer – from candles and room sprays to diffusers and soaps, take your time to try some different scents when out shopping and work out which one transports you to the beach.

neutral fabric bed


While the winter months focus on warmth, with materials like wool and velvet evoking a sense of comfort and cosiness, in summer it’s about textiles that create a sense of lightness. Look at linen bedding, tablecloths, and curtains, don’t go for chunky rugs, choose something light and colourful. You want to choose textiles and fabrics that complement the style of the room and the current season, save that sheepskin rug for the winter!

two seater fabric sofa

Citrus Infusion

When walking the streets of a Spanish resort, you might notice the citrus trees lining the streets – when we’re abroad, these vibrant colours and accents are everywhere. When looking at ways to bring the summer season into your home, don’t be afraid of going for something bright, like a coral décor, or hints of citrus – those colours work beautifully against a lighter background, adding an energetic pop of colour to your space.

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