8th March 2021

How to Make Your Living Room Cosier

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Over the past year, we have spent a LOT more time at home. Whether you’re currently working from home, home-schooling your children or on furlough, our own four walls have been ever-present. That increase in time spent at home has seen a large rise in DIY, with people finding the time to get round to those jobs they never had the chance to do before.

And while there are those finally ticking off those jobs, there are plenty of others who have only decided during lockdown that a few tweaks on a small budget could make a real difference. From a splash of paint to a new piece of furniture, a few small changes can transform a room to create a more inviting space and a cosier ambience.

If you’re looking for cosy living room ideas and like the thought of a comfy sofa to relax into after a busy day, here are some sofas to give your living room that cosy feeling.

Feather Extra Deep Leather Sofa in Tan

Deep Seated Sofas

We’ve all been to that one friend’s house who has a sofa that when you sink into it, you never want to get back up. Choose a deep-seated sofa and make your house that house! There’s nothing better after a manic day than heading into the lounge and collapsing into the most comfortable sofa out there – the deep-seated sofa.

Choosing this type of sofa doesn’t restrict you to a specific style. There are plenty of different styles available, from leather sofas and mid-century sofas to corner sofas and Chesterfield sofas.

And there are not just deep-seated sofas available – there are also extra deep sofas to choose from! If you’re looking for a comfy chair, the Feather Extra Deep Leather Modular Sofa ticks all the boxes. As a modular sofa, you can change the way the sofa is positioned to suit – utilising the corner, armless and footstool units to make a combination perfect for you. The cushions are filled with 100% goose feather wrapped in down to provide a truly sumptuous experience every time you sit down. Be prepared for your friends to visit and never want to leave!

Galloway Corner Sofa in Cotton Linen Blend Magnesium 264

Corner Sofa

Is there anything more enjoyable than curling up with the family to watch a film on a rainy afternoon? And what better sofa than a comfortable corner sofa to all cuddle up together? Offering plenty of space for all the family or for when you have guests, a corner sofa maximises space, provides the ultimate in comfort and there is a range of styles and fabrics available to ensure it aligns with your aesthetic.

The Galloway is the perfect example of a corner sofa which oozes style, offers plenty of space for all the family and provides the ultimate in comfort, with deep cushions and feather-filled scatter cushions. Choose from a range of sizes, with the option of adding a chaise to create the perfect sofa for your space. You will also be spoilt for choice when it comes to the materials available – with everything from brushed cotton and washed linen to plush velvet, tweed, and vintage aniline leather – whatever aesthetic you’re going for in your space, there is a material to match.

To take your comfortable corner sofa to the next level, why not add a recliner element into the mix? Not only will the corner sofa give you the space you need, but a recliner will also offer you the chance to lie back and enjoy the ultimate in relaxation fully! The Fabio Sofa is a modern leather corner sofa that offers an electric head and footrest and is also a modular sofa, allowing you to create a set-up to suit your space. If your living room doubles up as a cinema room, a comfy recliner chair will definitely add to the overall impact!

Cuddle Sofa

If space is limited, you can create a cosy living room with a small comfy chair like a cuddle sofa. Also known as a snuggle sofa or a love chair, this chair is slightly smaller than a two-seater sofa but can still fit two people, there will just be less space between them!

A loveseat like the Charnwood gives you enough space for two people to sit, cosily, and is available in a range of fabrics and colours, including a plush velvet, which really adds to the cosy look and feel of your space. If you like the idea of this type of chair then you may be inspired or interested in learning how you can go about styling a cuddle chair.

If you have a little more space and want to add a comfy two-seater sofa to your living room, there are plenty of options to give you the perfect blend of style and comfort.

Comfy Sofa Beds

If you’re a fan of multi-tasking, a sofa bed can provide you with a dual purpose – sofa by day, and bed for guests by night. And while the sofa beds of old were clunky and not particularly stylish, the good news is that sofa beds have evolved a lot in recent years! It’s now possible to choose a comfortable sofa bed that also looks stylish and is equally as comfortable to sit on as it is to lie on.

The range of fabrics is also no longer limited – if you want a leather sofa, the Sloane is a stylish leather sofa bed, which has a depth of 101cm, ideal for those who are looking for a chair they can really sink into and relax!

If you’re interested in a traditional style of sofa, the Bakewell is not only a real head-turner, it’s also a sofa bed, which comes in a variety of sizes, with a choice of seat cushions and mattresses. With its classic buttoning and narrow yet elegant arms, it ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfy furniture and a practical sofa bed.