8th June 2023

11 Cosy Bedroom Decorating Ideas

By Darlings Of Chelsea

After a busy day, there’s nothing better than retiring to your bedroom where you can rest, unwind, and recharge the batteries for the next day. One of the most important rooms in your house, your bedroom should be a sanctuary and it’s important to create a cosy, welcoming aesthetic here, to give you the chance to switch off. When you decide to decorate your bedroom, the first step is deciding what style you’d like to create, with everything following on from this. In this guide, we’ll provide a range of cosy bedroom decorating ideas to cover small and large bedrooms, a variety of styles and budgets to ensure there’s something for everyone.

Make the Bed a Focal Point

The Lyndhurst Buttoned Bed

More often than not, the bed will always be the focal point of your room, as it tends to be the biggest piece of furniture. As you sleep here, its placement is important! When it comes to bedroom layout ideas, it often depends on the size of your room. If you have the space, the best place to position your bed is against the wall opposite your door but if possible you don’t want your bed directly in line with the door, just slightly to one side.

It’s also good to have your headboard against a solid wall, as opposed to underneath a window and for there to be space on either side of the bed. Once you’ve got the placement right, it’s all about the style. Bed design has come a long way in recent years, with a whole array of contemporary and traditional styles to choose from. From decadent sleigh beds to sleek panelled beds, choose a style which aligns to your chosen aesthetic, and if you opt for a fabric upholstery, its colour can also contribute to your design.

Bedroom Furniture

The Wandsworth Chair

There is a lot of functional furniture you need in a bedroom, such as a bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers but there’s also some furniture which you can introduce which can help to create a cosy, inviting space. Bedside tables, a bedroom chair and if you have a larger room, a dressing table can all contribute to the overall style and practicality of your interior.

Inject Some Colour

If you’re looking for simple bedroom decorating ideas, they don’t come any easier than injecting a little bit of colour into your space. If you want to create a cosy and inviting space, think along the lines of warm colours such as earthy tones, yellows and burnt oranges. If you want to create something a little calmer, cooler colours such as pale blues, lilacs or greens can help to create a restful ambience.

Make a Statement with a Headboard

The Abingdon Scroll End Headboard

When deciding which bedroom styles suit your home, your headboard can really help you lean into that aesthetic and create a stylish focal point. If you’ve chosen a contemporary décor, a sleek headboard with clean lines such as the Wokingham can make a design statement, whereas if you’ve opted for a traditional look and feel, a headboard like the Windsor can make all the difference.

Decorating a Small Bedroom

When space is at a premium, it’s important to make use of any or all storage to ensure your room doesn’t quickly become decluttered. Small bedroom decorating ideas tend to focus on how to make use of what you have; for example, you can make your bed work harder for you by building in storage options with a divan or ottoman base. If you have a wardrobe, could you add some stylish storage boxes on top of it? If you have space on your walls, could you add in some shelves?

Decorating a Guest Bedroom?


Bedroom inspiration for your guest bedroom should be very similar to your main bedrooms – it doesn’t want to feel like an afterthought, it wants to feel cosy and welcoming. If you need to store things in it, try to use storage that isn’t too obvious, such as a divan base or within a wardrobe.

Calming colours and cosy accessories such as throws and cushions can create an elegant yet inviting aesthetic, while candles and soft lighting can add to the cosiness of your space.

Offering your guests a good night’s sleep is the best thing you can do, so a good quality mattress will make all the difference!

Decorating a Kids Bedroom?

Kids’ bedroom decorating ideas should focus on what your child is interested in, so that you can create an interior which reflects their personality. Think about wall décor, cosy reading nooks with soft comfy chairs, fun accessories such as lightshades and rugs and try not to spend too much money – the chances are your whatever your child is interested in now, they may not be interested in in a few years’ time!

Or Maybe Decorating a Loft Bedroom?

A loft bedroom can be a wonderfully characteristic space but it takes a little more creativity to use it well, given the low angled ceilings that usually come with this style of room. Loft bedroom decorating ideas can include building storage into the eaves, using a statement headboard as a focal point and incorporating natural textures to bring that extra level of cosiness.

Don’t be afraid of your beams, make them into a feature!

What About Colour Themes?

Littlehampton Bed Range

Sometimes one colour isn’t enough, and you’d like to have a colour scheme in your space that has two or more colours. So what colour combinations work in a cosy bedroom? If you like the idea of incorporating a burnt orange, consider pairing it with a neutral shade such as light greys, tans or whites. If green is on your list of potential colours, consider pairing it with whites, greys or creams, or if you like the idea of a vintage aesthetic, combine it with a pale pink. Mauve and cream are also a dream combination, particularly when you add in pops of gold to bring some additional warmth to your space. Whichever colour combination you like the look of, create a mood board where you can bring them together, and sit with it for a few weeks before making any final decisions.

Mix it Up with Patterns

The Littlehampton Headboard in Textured Linen Mineral

The beauty of patterns in interior design is that there no hard and fast rules – if you like the look of a few patterns, then don’t be afraid to introduce them into your space. The key is not too much too close, give each pattern space to breathe.

If you have want to introduce patterns into your space, then try not to go crazy with lots of colours as well – there can be too much of a good things, and lots of colour and lots of pattern can be a little overwhelming.

Working From Home Set-Up

The Kew Sofa bed

With the pandemic creating a whole new demographic of home workers, the home office became much more of a focus these past few years. While some people liked working from their kitchen table, others used a spare bedroom to create a cosy office space, which they could close the door on at the end of the day. The beauty of a home office is that it doesn’t have to be a formal environment, it’s your room and you can design it to suit you. Choose a space in your room for a desk and find one that complements your aesthetic. Also think about what your background will be, if you’re doing zoom calls, you could place your desk with a feature wall in the background, or some bookshelves, art etc.

Storage should also be a consideration to ensure you don’t build up too much clutter, while an accent chair will give you a comfortable place to make phone calls or sit and enjoy a cup of tea. House plants in an office space are also a worthy addition, helping to create a calm ambience. If your room needs to double up as a bedroom and an office, choosing a sofa bed over a standard bed gives you the space you need in the day (as well as a comfy chair to sit on), while still offering a great night’s sleep for any guests you have staying.