16th August 2021

Maximise Space with a Sofa Bed with Storage

By Darlings Of Chelsea

Sofa beds are the ideal choice for a guest bedroom that may double up as an office or dressing room, and for a living room that needs to accommodate occasional overnight stays. Whereas in decades gone by, sofa beds were notoriously staid and not particularly comfortable or stylish – that is no longer the case! Comfort and style are now at the forefront, and if maximising space with a sofa bed with storage is key, the good news is that there are now plenty of sofa beds with storage to choose from.

What Makes a Good Sofa Bed?

Is there anything better than sinking into a comfy sofa after a long day at work? Whether you have a standard sofa or a sofa bed, being able to enjoy your time on it is of utmost importance. Cushion depth, material and style all have a part to play, and the good news is that you no longer must compromise on any of the above!

Sofa bed design has come a long way in recent years, and if storage is important, a sofa bed with storage is no longer going to be an eyesore – instead, it can be the star of the show!

Giving you the ability to house all your bedding and pillows, sofa beds with storage usually have a section of the sofa that becomes the bed and a segment that can be opened and used as storage. Often this tends to be a chaise sofa, where two of the seats unfold into the bed and the third contains the storage. One of the most common configurations tends to be a corner sofa bed with storage.

Corner Sofa Bed with Storage

If you have space, a corner sofa with storage can offer the ideal solution. Sofas such as the Norbury are designed so that the long side of the sofa unfolds into a bed, while the short side is a small storage box. Not only does this maximise space as it includes both a bed and storage, but it also provides seating for multiple people in an L-shaped configuration, making a larger corner sofa bed with storage one of the most flexible and versatile bits of furniture you can buy.

Leather Sofa Beds with Storage

Stylistically, your sofa bed needs to fit in with the rest of your interior and if you have your heart set on leather, there are plenty of leather sofa beds to choose from, including some sofa beds with storage such as The Sloane. If choosing leather, it’s generally better to choose a sofa bed style where the bed folds out from inside the sofa, rather than where you sleep on top of the sofa cushions, as leather isn’t always the most comfortable material to sleep on, even with a sheet on top.

Sofa Beds for Small Spaces

If space is an issue, a sofa bed will often be the most sensible choice, giving you the option to fold it up when it’s not in use. A small corner bed with storage such as the Helston, provides you with a two-seater sofa and a chaise – perfect for a small flat or a guest bedroom, while still providing you with a stylish, comfortable sofa to enjoy!

For more ideas on small corner sofas for smaller homes, have a read of our blog on the topic.