7th September 2021

What No One Tells You About Corner Sofas

By Darlings Of Chelsea

The popularity of corner sofas shows no sign of waning and it’s not difficult to see why. Offering space to stretch out and relax, and plenty of room to socialise with friends and family, corner sofas are available in a variety of sizes and fabrics, ensuring you can choose a specific style to fit in with your interiors.

There’s a lot of information out there about Corner Sofas, including our blogs on the subject but the focus of this blog is to provide an insight into the slightly more unusual elements of a corner sofa. Here’s our take on what no one tells you about corner sofas.

They Come in All Shapes and Sizes

The traditional image of a corner sofa tends to be that of an L-shaped sofa but in reality, a corner sofa offers a lot more variety than that. As long as you can see a corner/90-degree angle in your furniture – it could be an L-shaped sofa like the Galloway, or a U-shaped sofa like the Francesca, then it is classed as a corner sofa. A corner sofa can also be comprised of numerous different modules, with a sofa and chaise a stylish option, or it can be two sofas meeting to create that L-shape sofa. Ultimately, a corner sofa is not one size or shape fits all – it can be made up of several different sections, providing plenty of flexibility to ensure it works for you.

Don’t Compromise on Options if You Choose a Corner Sofa

If you choose a corner sofa, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a sofa bed or a recliner sofa – the good news is you can have it all! If you’re after a corner sofa bed, these are now available – with choices such as:

  • the Venice, which is a leather corner sofa bed.
  • the Norbury, which is a chaise sofa bed, and ideal if you’re looking for a small corner sofa.
  • If it’s a recliner you’re interested in, there are plenty of corner recliner sofas available, including the Florentina, which is a modern corner sofa.

It’s also important to know that the pictures you see online aren’t the only options available to you for that specific sofa – you can choose a left-sided corner sofa or a right-sided – whichever works for your space. A lot of corner sofas are also available in numerous sizes so if it looks too big or too small, make sure to check the different options offered as it may be the case that you can select that style in a different size or configuration.

Corner Sofas Can Save Space

While a corner sofa tends to be bigger than a standard shaped sofa, they can actually save you space when compared to two separate two-seater sofas. If you had discounted a corner sofa because you didn’t have room but are looking at two separate sofas, it may be worth taking another look!