2nd August 2021

Step by Step Guide to Styling Your Leather Sofa

By Darlings Of Chelsea


While some sofa styles come and go, the one sofa that has been ever-constant is the leather sofa. It offers a timeless aesthetic whether you’re going for a contemporary Scandi style, a rustic look, or a more traditional design. There are a few small tips to ensure that your leather sofa looks the part – here’s our step-by-step guide to styling your leather sofa.

How Do You Style a Leather Sofa?

To determine the best way to style your sofa, you first need to consider the overall décor within your room. Do you have a modern room? Do you live in the countryside and are going for a more rustic effect? Or perhaps you’ve decided that Scandi is the way forward and will be creating a minimalistic design and want your leather sofa to complement it.

When you have the overall design in mind, you then need to turn your attention to sofa styling. How you style your leather sofa can depend on the type you’ve chosen. For example, if you have a leather Chesterfield sofa, cushions are an ideal accessory, with the fabric and colour helping to tie your theme together. If you have a high back leather sofa, a throw will work well, offering you contrasting textures and colours.

As well as styling your sofa, think about how the furniture around your sofa complements/works in unison with your leather sofa. From coffee tables to other chairs and plants, the key is to choosing furniture which fits with the style of your sofa and overall design.

What Goes with a Leather Sofa?

The beauty of leather is that it works well with most accessories, colours, decorative themes, and textures! If you choose a large L-shape leather sofa, there’s an opportunity to be quite creative with your cushions. If you are going for a Scandi look, think about natural textures and colour palettes. If you have rustic décor, you can be a little more adventurous and introduce patterns and richer colours.


If you have chosen a tan/brown leather and have gone a large sofa such as a leather corner sofa, lighter colours on your walls will help your sofa to stand out, as will a lighter rug. Dark colours on your walls may see your sofa get lost in its surroundings. Therefore, tan colours work beautifully with green, allowing you to bring some biophilic design into your décor through house plants such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig or Kentia Palm.

How Do You Make a Leather Sofa Look Modern?

While a leather sofa is a classic choice, if you want to include it in a contemporary space, there are plenty of ways to do so. The likes of warm textures like sheepskin rugs can help to provide a contrast to the darkness of the leather, while wooden or metallic tones in your surrounding furniture can act as a strong contrast, especially with lighter walls. Make sure to incorporate modern accessories, such as lamps and picture frames.

Mixing Leather Sofas with Fabric Chairs

A leather sofa is often the star of the show but if you have room for more than one chair and/or sofa in your living space, don’t go for leather on both as it can be a little overwhelming. If you have a leather recliner sofa, create a contrast by adding a fabric armchair, giving you the opportunity to add some colour and texture to your living space. Alternatively, choose a large fabric sofa and team it with a leather armchair to achieve the same results.

How to Make a Leather Sofa Look Shabby Chic

Shabby chic tends to focus on natural textures and simple fibres – the use of linen pillows or woollen throws will help to create that look and feel. If you have a rug, one made from natural materials will help to strengthen the shabby chic theme in and around your sofa.