17th July 2023

How To Decorate: 14 Beach-Themed Bedroom Ideas

By Darlings Of Chelsea

If, like most people, you get the holiday blues when it’s time to go home, there may be a way to make it that little bit less depressing. As your home is your sanctuary, your place to retire after a busy day, why not take inspiration from your beach holidays by introducing aspects of it into your interior? A beach-themed bedroom not only evokes happy memories of your trips away, but it can also create a calm, relaxed aesthetic, and it can be created in a few simple steps, without going overboard on the budget. If the idea of bringing some coastal calm into your space sounds appealing, here are some beach-themed bedroom ideas to get you started.

Upholstered Bed as a Focal Point

If you want to create a coastal themed bedroom an upholstered bed such as the Bucklebury is a good place to start. As the bed is usually a focal point, choosing a blue fabric will set the tone for your aesthetic and you can theme the rest of your space to evoke and inspire wonderful memories of the coast.  

Use Blue and Whites

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When choosing your colour scheme for a sea-themed bedroom, blues and whites should both be factored into your design. While blues link to the sea and the sky, there are different shades to consider – lighter blues will create a more relaxed vibe, whereas deeper more vibrant blues will create a more energetic aesthetic. Pairing blue with white will help to create a more chilled out yet fresh interior, inspired by destinations such as the Balearics or the Greek Islands.

From white walls with blue accents such as a bedroom chair, blinds or bedding, to light blue walls with white accessories, spend some time working out what would work best in your space and pick up a selection of blue samples to see which shade suits your interior best.   

Additional Colour Palette Ideas

Snowdon King Headboard in Easy Clean Matt Velvet Vintage Green

While blue and white tend to be the dominant colours in any coastal bedrooms, there are other colours that you can incorporate. For example, coral is a popular colour and can work beautifully alongside blues, whites and natural textures such as wood and rattan. Neutrals can also work well, with soft greys complementing any shades of blue. Green can also be a good addition to your space, providing a soft but colourful contrast.

Coastal-Themed Bed Frame

The Snowdon Single Bed Frame

As well as considering your headboard within your design, the whole of your bed frame can contribute to a beach style bedroom. From rustic wooden frames to light blue fabric beds, white metal frames or a bed with a scalloped (shell-inspired) design – there are plenty of different options which can all contribute to creating a stylish sea-themed bedroom.

Beach Bedroom Furniture

When you think of a beach, natural textures tend to spring to mind. From the sparkling blue water of the sea to driftwood and beach shacks with rattan chairs, the key to creating a bedroom with connections to the sea is to incorporate these elements within your interior. As well as a wooden bed frame, how else can you incorporate wood into your room?

  • Is there an option for wood flooring?
  • Or white wooden panelling?
  • Do you have room for a rattan or teak bedroom chair?
  • Could you get a mirror with a seagrass frame?

There are lots of different ways to incorporate wood into your interior, it’s just a case of choosing what fits with the rest of your furniture and aesthetic.

Rustic Coastal Bedroom

To achieve a rustic coastal bedroom, look at things that aren’t too shiny and new. Items need to have a shabby chic look to them, to create the same rugged aesthetic as the coastline itself. Items such as a teak headboard, a weathered chest of drawers or a rattan chest of drawers will all help to create this effect.

Modern Coastal Bedroom Ideas

The Wandsworth Chair in Boucle Ammonite

While a rustic coastal bedroom focuses on a shabby chic look and feel, a modern coastal bedroom goes in the opposite direction. Contemporary spaces tend to be minimal in their design – so make use of the colour white, with touches of blue, such as a blue bedroom chair or blue curtains, and incorporate natural textures through layers such as your bedding or a rug.

Beach Wall Décor Ideas

From photos of recent holidays, paintings of the ocean or sculptures, beach wall décor ideas are essentially a chance to extend your theme across your interior, bringing your furniture, wall colour and wall décor together. Driftwood shelves will also contribute beautifully to this aesthetic.

Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds offer the best of both worlds – offering you shade from the sun while giving you further opportunity to introduce natural textures into your space. The difference between bamboo blinds and regular blinds is that bamboo does let more light into your room and creates that beach shack kind of aesthetic.

Beach-Themed Master Bedroom

With a beach-themed master bedroom, there’s usually more scope to get creative. Blue and white are still the ideal colours for any décor but there’s also the opportunity to look at the rest of your furniture – could you add a rustic wardrobe or vanity table? Think about all the furniture in your space and how it ties into the theme, from your bed to your mirror, your flooring, any chairs, art and any shelving.

Ocean-Themed Bedroom for Girls and Boys

An ocean-themed bedroom can be a great option for both girls and boys, and offers a lot of opportunity to be really creative with your décor. Whether you’re looking for nautical bedroom ideas, with a focus on boats, or an ocean-theme with more of a focus on marine life, there are a lot options! From making use of your walls, either through wallpaper or a mural or wall sticker, you can set the tone and then have it run through the rest of the décor, such as the bedding, light fittings, and any artwork.

Decorating a Small Bedroom?

The Bed in a Box

When decorating a small bedroom, there are still opportunities to weave beach themes into your décor through your use of colour, art and textiles. The key to making the most of this theme is to avoid clutter to allow the different elements to shine – clever storage options such as a divan or ottoman base, or the use of a sofa bed rather than a standard bed, will help give you more room to play with.

Decorating a Guest Bedroom?

Ashdown Loveseat in Stain Resistant Moleskin Velvet Cobalt

A guest bedroom isn’t going to be in use all the time, so it’s an opportunity to be a little more playful with your beach-themed design if you want to. This could include feature walls or a gallery wall, and if you have space for a reading nook, how about a sea blue loveseat, ideal for relaxing into after a busy day. While having a theme in your room can be a wonderful way to tap into your persona, equally it doesn’t want to feel too disparate from the rest of your house – so if you have a contemporary interior, your ocean themed bedroom should be modern in its décor.

Decorating a Loft Bedroom?

Lyndhurst Buttoned Back Headboard

Given that loft bedrooms often have less height, your design needs to factor this in. But it’s also a room with a lot of potential for creating that seaside vide. If you have a wooden ceiling, painting it white could create that beach house aesthetic, alongside the use of other natural materials such as rattan chairs or furniture and a linen headboard. Bedding and wall art can also tie into the theme.

Ultimately a beach-themed bedroom gives you a lot of scope for different types of décor – it’s just a case of deciding which one suits you best!