2nd August 2023

How To Decorate: 15 Country Home Décor Ideas

By Darlings Of Chelsea
The Chelsea Large Sofa in Tweed Canvas

From the use of natural textures to the warmth of a rustic aesthetic, country home décor is undoubtedly one of the most inviting interior styles and the good news is that you don’t have to live in the countryside to achieve it! Whether you want to redecorate your whole house or are just planning on redesigning one room, there are plenty of simple ways to create a country home interior without breaking the bank. From your living room to your bedroom and all in between, read on to find all the country home decorating inspiration you need to get you started!

What is Country Decorating Style?

Blending cosiness and warmth with elegance and style is the epitome of country-style houses. From rustic cabins in the woods to farmhouses and barn conversions, each has its own charm and character, making this particular style of décor incredibly inviting and homely. Modern country interiors take that warmth and introduce a level of freshness into the mix, embracing both old and new. When researching country decorating style, floral themes, layering, natural textures, panelling and pastel colours will most likely feature – it’s a case of working out which of these complement your interior and how to make the most of them.  

How Do You Make a Country Style Living Room?

The Otley Chair in Stain Resistant Broad Weave Linen Alabaster

The place where you relax after a busy day, your living room should be a space you can’t wait to spend time in. Before making any changes, you need to decide what style you’re most interested in:

  • Do you want to create a modern country interior design?
  • Do you prefer a more traditional approach?
  • Do you want a more muted colour palette?
  • Or, are you keen to go for bright colours and patterns?

Once you’ve decided that, there are a few key principles you could incorporate into your thinking.

The first thing to consider is how to make the most of any original or architectural features, such as wooden floors, beams and brick fireplaces – consider these hero items that can be a strong foundation for your country style aesthetic. Then think about colour – many country houses embrace colour and pattern, which can provide a more vintage look and feel. If you want a modern finish, a more muted palette such as warm neutrals will help to create an inviting environment.  

If you have a fireplace, is there room to place your sofas around it? If not, a wingback armchair such as the Otley would work beautifully. Country living also embraces personality, so don’t be afraid to put personal touches such as a book collection or photos in your living room.

As well as wooden floors and brick walls, you can introduce natural materials through accessories such as throws, curtains and rugs, all of which combine to create a rich and inviting interior.

Country Style Furniture

The Harrington 3 Seater in Easy Clean Recycled Velvet Griffin

Furniture is key in shaping your décor, creating a stylish focal point so it’s worth spending some time figuring out how to make it all fit, both from a size and a design perspective. Country style tends to be less about clean lines and more about gentle curves, with Chesterfield sofas a popular choice in both traditional and modern country interiors. If you don’t have space for a Chesterfield sofa, a Chesterfield armchair can still create the same effect, while also acting as a stylish counterpart to any other sofas.

If you have space for tables or sideboards, embrace wooden designs, which help to create a rustic vibe.

Introduce Floral Patterns

Country style takes you one step closer to nature and that’s why floral patterns are so popular in this particular style of décor. If you don’t feel comfortable with too much pattern, you can introduce floral accents, such as:

  • Table covers.
  • Artwork.
  • and of course, fresh flowers.

If however, you like the idea of flowers featuring heavily in your interior, the world is your oyster! From wallpaper to curtains, and rugs to art, there is a plethora of choice out there waiting for you.

Use the Right Colour Palette

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Country style is warm and inviting and your colour palette should reflect that. That doesn’t mean you have to go bright and bold, more than you should be looking at warmer shades on the colour wheel. From neutrals such as creams, beiges and soft greys, to sage, yellow or terracotta, find a colour that works within your space and consider what colours complement it.

Mix and Match Vintage and Modern Looks

There is no rule book when it comes to country interiors, which gives you a degree of freedom when it comes to mixing and matching. If you’ve seen a vintage sideboard, don’t be afraid to pair it with a modern sofamixing and matching styles helps to provide character in your space, and if you’re looking for rustic decorating ideas, you’ll see lots of examples of vintage furniture or patterns sitting alongside modern furniture.

Space for a Cosy Window Seat?

Nothing screams country more than taking some time out to a good book and views of the garden, so if you have space for a cosy window seat, why not take it? If building beneath your window isn’t going to work, you could also look at a reading nook, which essentially provides the same function, just with the use of an occasional chair rather than a window seat.

Get the Rustic Look Using Brass Accessories

If you use brass accessories in your rustic home decorating, you’re adding another layer of warmth to your décor. Working well with wood and neutral shades, brass accents such as cupboard handles, chair legs or light fixtures can really make a difference to your space.

Country Cottage Living Room Ideas

When you imagine a country cottage living room, it’s all about a cosy, warm, inviting space. There’s a log fire, lots of throws, a wood pile, and a sofa that you sink into when you sit down. If that picture appeals, think about how to bring warmth into your space. Do you have a log burner or fire that you can make into a focal point? Think about your colour palette and how to incorporate warm colours. Think about a sofa with deep seat cushions and rounded arms and chunky throws. Rustic decorating ideas bring this style of décor to life, creating a simple yet cosy interior.

Modern Country Living Room Interior Design

The Kendal 3 Seater Corner Sofa In Stain Resistant Recycled Cotton Nougat

Whereas a tradition country living room tends to be a little more eclectic, modern country living room design tends to be a little more streamlined. Neutral colours work well in a modern space, complementing any features such as beams or wooden floors. Your sofa may have a more contemporary design, with materials such as leather, linen or tweed all popular in a country style interior.

Small Country Home Decorating Inspiration

When space is at a premium, make sure that each piece of furniture works hard to earn its place in your design. Unnecessary clutter can make a small room feel even smaller so start with the essentials and build from there. If you have room for a small sofa, that tends to be the focal point, but if not, two armchairs can help to create an inviting interior. If you have any spare wall space, mirrors can help to make a room feel bigger and depending on how much natural light you have and the look you want to create, your colour palette can make your room feel more spacious. If you want to create a cosy aesthetic, darker colours will help you do that.

How Do You Make a Country Style Bedroom?

The Alton Chair in Stain Resistant Cotton Velvet Saffron

Country style doesn’t need to be just about your living room – you can create this style throughout your home, including your bedroom. Afterall what’s better than having a cosy, inviting space to retire to when it’s time for bed? As with your living room, a country style bedroom should celebrate natural textures, wooden furniture, floors and beams, woollen throws on the bed and if you have the space, a beautiful bedroom chair to complete the look. Your bedroom is also a place to add in some floral patterns, either on your bedding or perhaps through art on your walls or a feature wallpaper, helping to create a real softness in your space.

Inject Cosiness with a Country-Style Bed

The Windsor King Bed in Recycled Wool Morning Light

Where a sofa is the focal point in your living room, the bed tends to be the focal point in your bedroom, and when you’re passionate about a country modern house design, your bed can really help to create that ethos.

Take some time to research the different bed frames and headboard designs – there are a lot of different options available which would complement country style. From beds with curved upholstered headboards, which offer the perfect combination of cosiness and elegance, to more rustic styles such as wooden headboards, choose a style which suits the aesthetic you’re trying to create.

Use Earthy Tones

The Shoreditch 3 Seater Chaise Sofa in Easy Clean Plush Velvet Umber

Earthy tones are colours which you can see in the natural environment. From a vast array of calming greens to taupes, reds, blues, burnt oranges and more, earthy tones bring a real warmth to any space and if you’re using a lot of wood in your décor, either through your floors or your furniture, earth tones are the perfect partner. Whether you incorporate earthy tones through your wall colour, sofa colour or accessories, they’ll provide a stylish contrast to a more neutral palette and help strengthen that connection to the outdoors.

Linen Bedding is Best

A natural fabric, linen is a great choice for bedding in a country modern house, both from an aesthetics and comfort perspective. It’s breathable, sustainable, and hard-wearing and is available in a range of shades, making it easy to complement your colour palette.

D.I.Y with Panelling

The Stirling Midi Sofa in Statin Resistant Cotton Velvet Rainforest

If you don’t like the idea of wallpaper but want to give your walls that extra bit of character, paneling is a great way to instantly add some elegance to a room. Not only is it common for people to do it themselves, with lots and lots of online tutorials to talk you through the process, it’s also budget friendly and gives you the opportunity to introduce two colours to your walls, one on the paneling and one above. But if you want to stick to one colour, paneling gives your room that heritage look and feel that you find in country manor houses.

The beauty of panelling is that you can do it in any room and instantly transform your space. You also have the freedom to choose the height and width of your panelling, making it bespoke to your home. From your hallway to your kitchen and your bedroom to your living room, take a look at the different styles of panelling and work out which one best suits your space and create your perfect country style interior.